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SUBMITTED by Kyra Springett, Park Presbyterian Church (8-Jun-2010)

2101 First United Presbyterian Church
Sodus, New York

Rummage Sale

Thursday, July 29:    9-4
Friday, July 30:        9-4
Saturday, July 31:    9-Noon

Items may be brought to the Church Monday through Friday from 9-Noon beginning July 5. Last day that items will be accepted is Friday, July 23.

•    Only clean items in good condition.
•    No exercise equipment or computers (they do not sell.)
•    Help needed for table and rack set-up after church on July 18.
•    Help needed for sorting beginning Monday, July 19 at 9 am.
•    Help needed for hours of sale July 29, 30 and 31.
•    Help needed for take-down starting at Noon Saturday, July 31.

Traditionally, the ladies of the Women’s Association have been the “Work Force” for the rummage sale. As the years catch up with us we are “slowing down a bit” and need assistance from our church family. It’s a busy event but fun too. Please consider helping us. Contact us personally if you have questions. Rummage sale proceeds benefit church projects and mission. Thank you!

Nancy DeHond - 483-9451
Irene Bierer – 483-4380


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