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SUBMITTED by Jerry M. Ashley, Lyons Main Street Program (4-Jun-2010)

Volunteers from the Village Board, Lyons Main Street Program, and Americorps have applied a layer of mulch to the perennial bed along the north side of the Erie Canal in downtown Lyons. The mulch not only made the bed look more attractive but it will also help hold in moisture and prevent errosion in the sloping bed.

Over three work party days, many volunteers cleared the area to be planted, placed new plant donations along with cuttings and starts provided by local residents, and returned to finish off the perennial and flowering shrub bed.

Although the bed utilizes planting materials that will take the full sun and surive with little water, any new flower bed requires some TLC its first few years of growth. The Lyons Main Street Program is seeking individuals that would like to help keep the bed looking tip-top, grass and weed free. If you would like to volunteer to keep our new canalside perennial bed looking as good as we know it will be, please contact the LMSP at 315-871-4220 or lyonsmainstreetprogram@gmail.com.


left to right - Denise Darcangelis, Joanne Greco, Chloe Salone, Joanne Liberatore and Mayor Corrine Kleisle 

left to right - Joanne Greco, David Stoep, Bob Stopper (back to camera), Chloe Salone, Jack McCranels, and Denise Darcangelis

Help from Empire

Volunteers take at look at their work. The area to the right of the bed will also be developed once the new blacktop pathway that leads to downtown Lyons is completed. Volunteers hope to develop the areas to the west in the near future.


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