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SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (24-Jun-2010)

Conversation with the Mayor
Vicky Daly
21 June 2010

Some time ago, Village Clerk Alicia Lynch posted a sign on the door to the Village Clerk’s office. It lists FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – with answers. The same questions do keep coming up, but for the person asking it is probably the first time the question has been raised and so the response and how it is delivered are important. This is in the same category with dealing with a surgeon. You certainly want one that is experienced with the procedure you are about to undergo. He or she may perform twenty knee replacements a week and consequently has answered the same questions hundreds, maybe thousands, of times. When it is your knee, however, that is about to undergo the knife, your questions need to be answered as if the surgeon were dealing with them for the first time. A family member has just gone through this surgery for the first time and the experience and results were positive. Prior to the surgery, there were classes to attend and a book explaining the procedure and answering many of the questions.

We don’t have classes on the village level but we do have public meetings to which you are all invited. Legal notices as well as newspaper articles, this column, and the board minutes (posted on the website, www.palmyrany.com) announce the meetings and additional public hearings. Take advantage of the opportunity to come and ask questions. Time is built into every board meeting for that purpose.You are welcome to stop in the Village Hall, 144 East Main Street, Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, with questions. You can also email to vpalmyra@yahoo.com or call (315)597-4849. You may be directed to a department head, the town, the county or another agency if appropriate, but you will be assisted and given an answer or direction to one. Answering your questions is a major part of our job, both as elected officials and as village staff and crew members. You just need to ask. Currently we are hearing many questions/ concerns about the Canandaigua Street reconstruction. Do continue to ask and express your concerns. If we don’t know about them, we cannot address them

An invitation: During July and August, the Village Board meets only on the first Monday of the month. Because Independence Day falls on a Sunday, it will be celebrated this year on July 5, the first Monday of the month. As a result, the Village Board will meet on Tuesday, July 6th, in the Sexton Building, 149 East Main Street at 7:00 PM. The Village Court will be in session in the Village Hall. A legal notice will be posted to that effect, but you saw it here first.

Two days earlier, on Sunday, July 4th, the Wayne County Board of Elections will be demonstrating the new voting machines in the Sexton Building as part of our Independence Day celebration. Come take a look.

Happy summer!


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