two thousand twenty
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Postcard collecting is fun and a lot of people are active in the hobby, learning history on the way. Many postcards were photos that were retouched and some were colorized using a method invented in Germany.

The original image was taken in Newark sometime after 1909, but before 1911. The rounded entrance (bottom left) was installed at the Newark State Bank in1909, and the famous four corners clock and tower was not added until July of 1911. By that time the bank was known as the First National Bank. Many years later the former bank building housed "Noah's Ark", a chain auto discount store, run by Ben Shuman.

In the photo on the left, note that a man on the right corner of East Union St. and Main St. is leaning on a utility pole. In the colorized postcard on the right the man is left with nothing to lean on because the retouching removed all the pole and wires!

Also seen is these upper portion of the images is the massive Sherman Opera House on East Union Street, when built in 1898, the largest mercantile under one roof between Rochester and Syracuse. Stores occupied the first floor, offices on the second floor and apartments on the third floor with the opera house stage in the rear of then building. Note the Rochester Syracuse & Eastern trolley preparing to turn the corner onto Main St.


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2 Comments to "Postcard Fun"

  1. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    Great buildings in 1910 Newark. The re-touching of the colorized postcard and removal of the utility pole is very interesting--this would be called "Photoshopping" if using today's computer software technology!

    I recall having written a paper for the Wayne County History Jamboree on the Sherman Opera House. Most of my paper was based on an interview with Bob Hoeltzel.

    How many times did the Sherman Opera House burn?

    Posted on Thu Jun 10, 07:35:00 PM EDT

  2. John Zornow Said,

    The Sherman Opera House burned twice and was reborn as a two story office block that existed until Urban Renewal of the 1970's. Another story for another time.

    Posted on Sat Jun 12, 06:49:00 AM EDT


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