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SUBMITTED by Mary E. Mastracy, Wayne County Tourism (2-Jun-2010)

The Wayne County Office of Tourism hosted a Literature Exchange on 26 May 2010 at Abbey Park in Lyons. It was a beautiful day and the canalside park was the perfect venue for the participants. A total of 25 businesses chose to display their brochures and exchange them for others. “I feel it was a great success”, stated Christine Worth, director of tourism. “Our goal is to increase attendance and participation for next year,” Worth said.

Bill Sitzman with Sodus Bay Lighthouse Museum

The purpose of a Literature Exchange is to familiarize yourself with the local businesses and attractions. By displaying these brochures you are providing a great service to the visitors of Wayne County. Hospitality is the key to tourism. By picking up and exchanging brochures you can also cut down on mailing costs.

Participants in the 2010 Literature Exchange were Long Acre Farms, JD Winery, Historic Palmyra, Village of Palmyra, Wayne County B & B Association, Canaltown B&B, Vintage Gardens B&B, Thorpe Vineyard, Young Sommer Winery, Apple Shed, Newark Farmer’s Market, Mason Farms, Williamson Chamber of Commerce, Erie Mansion B&B, Wayne Hills Country Club, Cherry Grove Campground, Eagle Ridge Sports, Sunshine Radio Museum, Great Sodus Bay Rentals, Quality Inn of Newark, Wayne County Council for the Arts, Candy Corner Fudge Shop, Sodus Bay Historical Society, Maxwell Creek Inn Cobblestone Guest House, and the Village of Lyons.

Anyone interested in learning about future exchanges and other programs Wayne County Tourism offers please call our office at 800-527-6510.


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