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Wayne County Council for the Arts presents:

Christine Fayad (watercolor) and Bradley Kellogg (ceramics)

Christine Fayad has been painting watercolors for about ten years. She began taking classes from Wendy Gwirtzman (Rochester) in 2000. She also took figure drawing and painting classes with Steven Carpenter (Rochester) and Wayne Williams (Newark).

Christine says, “I feel fortunate to have been able to travel, both within and outside of the U.S. We lived for twelve years in Kenya, where I worked as an outdoor educator for the National Outdoor Leadership School – as a botanist doing research on the flora of an escarpment forest ecosystem in southern Kenya and as a lecturer in forest ecology at the University of Nairobi.” After graduate school in Natural Resources at the University of Michigan, Christine worked for eleven years for the U. S. Forest, creating vegetation maps from aerial photographs and digital images collected by satellite-borne sensors. Her job was to introduce the new technology of remote sensing to the agency in the Pacific Northwest during the height of the spotted owl controversy.

Along the way she has been a rock climber, mountaineer, sailor, golfer, singer and a folk-dancer. She has been a mother for what seems like both a long time and no time at all and a hockey Mom. She now lives on a ranch and herds the occasional stray calf back to its mother. “I am lucky, at this point in my life, to be able to devote a significant amount of time to creating art”.

Bradley H. Kellogg received his Associates in Art Degree from Community College of the Finger Lakes, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics, California College of the Arts, Masters in Arts Degree and Master of Fine Arts from University of California at Berkley. Between 1981 and 1990, he had a variety of Shows/Exhibitions including C.N.A. Gallery in San Francisco (solo show in Ceramics), Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco and Performance Art Collective – “The Popstitutes”. He currently has works in the collection of Foster and Monique Goldstrom Fine Arts – San Francisco and New York City and the Garth Clark Gallery located in New York City and Long Island.

As quoted by Bradley: “I approach my art with a knowledge and reverence for ceramic history and tradition. It is from that point, that one steps forward with avant-garde expression. Without tradition, there is nothing to bounce back against; no foundation for innovation. Tradition remains a sustaining force in all art; without it, art is without context or an objective basis of quality. Without tradition there cannot be innovation. Being able to absorb and then grow from history is a natural cycle. Death is part of renewal and the continuity of life.

By using the vessel, with its enclosure and containment of space being metaphors for life and culture. I try to depict the tenuous balance between nature and humanity. Does our future depend upon maintaining or achieving a certain balance? It often seems that we may be heading towards disaster; does that include the destiny of all mankind? I hope not…I remain positive that nature will endure and we will help, not hinder it along.

In my work organic decoration speaks of growth, decay and the possibility of renewal. The prominence of layered geometric shaped references the futurist esthetic of the machine, embraces the manner in which man has altered the earth. The tension between the benefits of machine to man and their destructiveness to nature; along with the fragmented symmetry and layering of pattern, like sounds in music, or our dependence on the almighty machine; I find endlessly fascinating!

My small sculptures are composed of purposefully dissected forms that reference the vessel or machinery. These sculptures find their historical inspiration in the work of the futurists. By making mechanical compositions of spatial volume and trusting my intuition to allow the clay to speak a particular language, I tell a story. With the use of many different glaze colors, along with their textures from dry and matte and to wet and shiny, I hope to bring a lyrical sense of emotion and visual narrative to my forms. The concepts of being able to hear or feel colors may come to mind as you view my work.”

The Exhibit will run from July 9th through July 31st . The public is invited to an opening reception to be held on Friday, July 9th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Wayne Art Gallery hours are Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 1:00 – 4:00 pm. Visit this exciting exhibit and stop by our great Gallery Gift Store. Wayne County Council for the Arts is located at 108 W. Miller Street, Newark. For more information, call (315) 331-4593, email us at info@wayne-arts.com or check out our website at www.wayne-arts.com.


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