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SUBMITTED by Joan Allen, Long Acre Farms (29-Jun-2010)

On May 1, JD Wine Cellars opened its doors as a small commercial winery along the Lake Ontario Wine Trail. Merely 2 months later on June 5, owner and winemakers Doug Allen and Tim Gregory put three of their thirteen wines to the test during the New York State Fair Commercial Wine Competition. Competing with over 40 other wineries, the duo left their first competition with three metals and a Best in Category award for their fruit wine.

Doug and Tim entered their refreshing Free Flight 2009, their Traiminette 2009, and their all fruit Blackberry Boogie 2009 wines into the contest. Free Flight received a bronze metal, Traiminette was awarded silver, and Blackberry Boogie received a gold and Best of Fruit category.

“We chose to enter wines into the competition that we felt best reflected the diversity of our winery,” explained Doug. “Out of the 13 wines that we produce, we’re excited that we medaled in both grape and fruit wines. After the positive reaction from the judges and community, we plan on remaining active in the wine community and entering other competitions in the near future.”

The NYS Fair Commercial Wine Competition was exclusive to wines made and bottled in New York and offered eight entry categories, including white, red, rose or blush, dessert, fruit, specialty, sparkling wines and fruit juices. The top-award winning wines are displayed in the Horticulture Building for the approximately 1,000,000 guests to visit during the 12-day fair. Wine that was unopened during the competition is given away as free samples to fairgoers, creating exceptional exposure for even the smallest of wineries.

JD Wine Cellars offers a variety of handcrafted batches and styles like classic Viniferas, soft hybrids, and bold fruit wines for all to enjoy. Join us in our tasting room from 12-6 p.m. daily to sample our award winning wines and to learn more about the winemaking process. For more information, visit our web site www.longacrefarms.com, or call directly at 315-986-4202.


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