two thousand twenty
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SUBMITTED by Marcia Marsille, Village Bookmarket (8-Jul-2010)

More To Chose From Sale, 20%-50% Off:

  • Business/Economics 50% Off
  • Cooking / Cookbooks 30% Off
  • Craft / Sewing 30% Off
  • Fiction 20% Off
  • Health / Relationships / Parenting / Family 50% Off
  • Home Improvement 30% Off
  • Politics 50% Off
  • Religion 20% Off
50% Off Tables full of all kinds of stuff—fiction, non-fiction, children’s, youth/young adult, some Harvard Classics, National Geographic Magazines in slipcases!

Extra Special: Encyclopedia Britannica set from 1959. Sadly, it is missing volume #20, BUT this set also comes with Britannica World Language Dictionary, in 2 volumes, 1958, and Encyclopedia Britannica World Atlas, 1958. Also available is a bookcase in which the encyclopedia volumes sit on 2 shelves, the atlas stands upright in a slot on the top of the bookcase and the dictionary volumes lay flat on top. These books are priced as follows:

Encyclopedia, Atlas, Dictionary $30.00 + tax

Encyclopedia, Atlas, Dictionary with the bookcase $40.00 + tax


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