two thousand twenty
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Once upon a time, on a hot and sunny day in Small Town, U. S. A., The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, the People gathered under the trees in Town Square to witness the telling of the story of the birth of their beloved country.  Music from a patriotic theatrical presentation was piped through loudspeakers of the gazebo festooned with red, white and blue bunting in anticipation of a happy small-town Gathering in celebration of their happiest summer holiday. 

A uniformed Chaplain asked The Maker that peace, health and happiness be bestowed on the People.  The People stood as the Color Guard, bent with age but proud and respectfully attentive, marched bearing their country's Flag, banners and rifles single file in a solemn column toward the center of the Square.  A handsome young Soldier stepped smartly to the dais to lead all in pledging their allegiance to their Flag and Beloved Country.  The soldier and the Chaplain stood tall holding their right hands to their brows in salute as the Singer raised his voice acappella with The Anthem, after which the Flag was retired.  Military Veterans from the Legion demonstrated the procedure and reasons for properly folding the Flag of the Country, lest the People forget. 

White-wigged with scroll in hand, the costumed Actor read his script and told of the heroism of those who took great risks and suffered much when they penned and signed the Freedom Document they celebrated at this Gathering.  Legislators and Politicians-to-be lent their words of respect and admiration invoking contemplation of The Revolution and the freedoms and rights won at that most important victory over two centuries before. 

Food was plentiful at the Gathering and fun prevailed.  The Supervisor of the Town proved he was a good sport as he sat suspended over a pool of icy cold water and invited the People to take out their Taxpayer frustrations all in fun.  Children and adults alike succeeded in hitting the target that moved the lever that lowered the seat that held the Supervisor over the water.  Time and again he dropped like a lead weight into the pool, surfaced with a huge smile on his face and climbed aboard the seat to await another dunking.  The People also honed their target-shooting skills aiming magenetic darts at portraits of such celebrities as Benedict Arnold, the traitor and George III, the hated English king. 

In a castle nearby, Daughters of the Revolution displayed and discussed replicas of their Colonial flags.  Modern technology also prevailed in the castle as Poll Assistants, using faux ballots, tutored the People in using the newest voting machines with which they would elect their next Legislators. 

At the end of the day, the People of Small Town, Wayne County, New York, U. S. A. had new knowledge, full stomachs and peaceful minds, ready to move on to more exciting evening neighborhood events to continue celebrating their Nations birthday with more food, fun and fireworks just as they had been instructed to do from the very first Independence Day celebration 234 years ago.


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