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SUBMITTED by Mary Beth Mahaney, Long Acre Farms (20-Jul-2010)

The Tastes of Summer at Long Acre Farms

Long Acre Farms and JD Wine Cellars will join together on Friday, July 30 to host their first Sampling Soiree event from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. Take the opportunity to try freshly prepared dishes and over 40 gourmet products, free of charge, offered throughout the market, tasting room and Sweet Cone Shop.

Home to various local and top-rated products like Onion Creek Spices of Chili, Cosimano e Ferrari Olive Oil Company of East Rochester, and Nunda Mustard of Nunda, the market offers a wide array of fresh products that are difficult to find in the average grocery store. In its coolers, visitors will also find the popular 1,000 Islands River Rat Cheese in a variety of flavorful Cheddars and curds, all ready to sample.

Using ingredients found in the market, Long Acre Farm’s staff will prepare simple dishes throughout the event that would appeal to even the pickiest of eaters. Lists of recipes with a child-friendly guarantee will be available for families to follow and use to spice up their summer dishes at home.

For those partial to a sweeter side, freshly baked breads, pies, cookies and fudge will also be available in the market to taste. Stop into the Sweet Cone Shop for a sample of Long Acre Farm’s exclusive new flavor, Snicker Poodle, and pair it with a freshly baked homemade waffle cone.

In the tasting room, samples of JD Wine Cellars’ award winning wines will be offered. The helpful staff will be available to offer advice on wine pairings and selections, or to provide more information about specials and tastings.

During the event, a demonstration using Hogwash! SallyeAnder Soaps will be given, with the guarantee to remove food, grease and the toughest of grass stains on any clothing. All SallyeAnder soaps are handmade, free of synthetic chemicals, artificial dyes, oils and animal by-products. Like the popular Soap’uccino, used to remove unpleasant odors like garlic, onions and fish, each soap is entirely edible and even looks good enough to eat.

Take advantage of the fresh, locally grown produce and products at Long Acre Farms and bring the whole family, and your appetite, to Sampling Soiree. Enjoy the summer weather with us and indulge in our new and flavorful creations. For more information, visit the website, www.longacrefarms.com, or call directly at 315-986-4202.


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