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SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (2-Aug-2010)

Conversation with the Mayor

Last evening we had the August Village Board meeting. Perhaps because there had been only one meeting in July or perhaps because of the variety of topics under discussion last evening, we had a much larger than usual attendance. Whatever the reason, it was good to see so many people there.

It was an unsually long meeting and one that covered an amazing arrary of topics. Our meetings are normally over by 9:00 PM. Last night it was closer to 10:30.

Without any of the detail which official coverage and minutes will take care of, here are the topics addressed at the August 2, 2010 Palmyra Village Board meeting: snow removal; kids walking in the street (to be discouraged); leaving yard waste and leaves in the street (definitely not good – it can cause problems in the storm sewers); use of village crews on private property and easements; update from the Preservation Commission; burial of flag ashes; concept plan for greater access to the canal; painting the water tower; solar panels and wind turbines; Planning and Zoning Board training; the return of the Lois McClure; Pirates Weekend, and the possible removal of a power pole. And that was before Execeutive Session which is required by law for discussion of specific areas – contracts and personnel, both of which we dealt with.

Our final action of the evening, in public session (you cannot take action in an excecutive session) was to create a committee to hold pre-contractual meetings with Finger Lakes Ambulance. Deputy Mayor Ken Bradstreet and Trustee David Husk will represent the village. Supervisor Ken Miller will be asked to participate. And so ended one of our longest, busiest and, I believe, most productive meetings in a very long time.


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