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SUBMITTED by Jim Hoffman, Wayne County Board of Supervisors (7-Aug-2010)

On July 15th, Supervisors Jody Bender, Ken Miller, Steve Groat, Steve Leroy, Laurie Crane, and I along with County Clerk Mike Jankowski and Sheriff Barry Virts had an enjoyable lunch at the annual Senior Citizens Action Council’s (SCAC) picnic at Forman Park in Pultneyville. Seniors interested in joining the SCAC can contact Bea Valcore at 589-2705.

On July 30th, Supervisors Bob Kelsch, Miller, Bender and I along with Director of Emergency Management George Bastedo attended the Fourth Annual Safety and Health Expo at the Ginna Nuclear Power Plant. The event was well attended with over 60 exhibitors representing safety at work and home, emergency response, and health improvement. This annual event is an example of Ginna’s continuing emphasis on worker, nuclear and public safety. The Ginna facility is one of the largest employers in Wayne County employing over 800 people.

The Board of Supervisors recently took a position regarding an unfunded mandate. Leandra’s Law, is a new state law which requires in part that a person convicted of Driving While Intoxicated have an interlock monitoring device installed in their vehicle which will prevent the driver from starting the vehicle if he/she consumed an alcoholic beverage. Wayne County Probation Director Rick Stevens originally submitted a plan for implementing Leandra’s Law which indicated monitoring would be handled by the State Police. This plan was rejected by the State. Implementation and monitoring of this program will be handled by Wayne County Probation. Director Stevens has advised the Board that the extra workload in monitoring persons with the specially fitted devices would eventually require hiring an additional person.

At a special board meeting on July 9th, Walworth Supervisor Bob Plant introduced two motions that passed unanimously regarding Leandra’s Law. The first one authorized the County Administrator to prepare a resolution to direct the Director of Probation not to send in an amendment to the rejected monitoring plan for Leandra’s Law. Monitoring will, by default, then be the responsibility of Probation. The second motion directed that other counties be contacted to see if they will join Wayne County in a law suit against the State of New York for mandating Leandra’s Law without providing funding to implement it. The County Attorney’s office is researching the legal issues connected with initiating a law suit. The next steps to be taken are yet to be determined.

When you receive a renewal notice in the mail from the State Department of Motor Vehicles, do not send it back in the enclosed pre-addressed envelope. Instead send your renewal to the DMV office in Lyons at: Wayne County DMV, P.O. Box 608, Lyons, New York 14489 or renew in person at the DMV office in Lyons at 9 Pearl Street. If you send your renewal back in the envelope you received in the mail, the State keeps 100% of the transaction total. By renewing at the Lyons DMV office, the County gets to keep 12.7 % of the renewal total. One more benefit - your renewal will be processed within 24 hours of receipt!

Similarly, adult Passports now cost $100. If you apply for a Passport through the County Clerk’s Office in Lyons, $25 is retained by the county. If you get a passport at the U.S. Post Office, the $100 goes to the federal government.

By renewing your driver’s license and vehicle registrations in Lyons or obtaining a passport at the County Clerk’s office you can increase the county’s revenue and potentially reduce property taxes.


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