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SUBMITTED by Charles Boogaard, Town of Huron Planning Board (2-Aug-2010)

Town of Huron Planning Board to Host Forum on the Future

The Town of Huron Planning Board has begun the process of preparing a new master plan for the Town. As part of the efforts to gather data and solicit input from residents on issue that they feel are important, The Planning Board will be hosting a community forum on Monday August 30, 2010 from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm at Wolcott American Legion Post #881, 10625 Ridge Road.

The new community master plan is an important planning and economic development tool. The process of developing a new master plan provides the opportunity for the community to take stock of the current situation, to identify issues and challenges it faces, and to develop strategies to address them.

The master can provide a framework to better manage future growth and development, to protect the unique scenic and recreational assets that draw the many summer visitors to Huron, as well as identify opportunities for economic development and guide future investments in public infrastructure.

The workshop will begin with a presentation by the planning consultant George Frantz on land use and trends in land use, population data, public and private infrastructure, and scenic and ecologically important areas in the Town of Huron.

Forum attendees will then be asked to participate in a group effort to identify the assets and strengths of the Town of Huron, the challenges the Town faces, and opportunities for improvements in a variety of areas such as the economy, quality of life, public services and recreational opportunities.

For more information on the upcoming forum or about the new master plan contact George Frantz at (607) 227-4652 or by e-mail at geoplan57@gmail.com.


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3 Comments to "Community Forum for Huron Master Plan"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    As a individual who has been part of several master plans my only advice is not to spend alot of money to do it. Most plans are very similiar if not identical. Also usually when the plan is finished they always seem to be talked about for awhile but quickly are put on the shelf to collect dust. The real expert on what you town needs are local people so elected officials should just listen to them. Good luck on the process

    Posted on Thu Aug 05, 08:03:00 AM EDT

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Master plans are needed to qualify for grants from the state. Master plan is a compass or a vision. It also does a SWOT of the area so things become identified.

    Posted on Thu Aug 05, 08:28:00 AM EDT

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Our town needed the verification for a grant and the master plan provided the qualification. So in that sense very useful and becoming more required for grants.

    Posted on Fri Jun 03, 04:55:00 PM EDT


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