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SUBMITTED by Barb DeRoo (3-Aug-2010)

24 Hour Drumming for Peace at Sanctuary at Crowfield Farm

September 25 - 26, 2010

Drumming for Peace is a 24 hour "drum-athon" to honor and promote peace on earth and to support Sanctuary at Crowfield Farm. Sanctuary is a not-for-profit education center offering workshops, retreats and activities that honor and nurture self, community and the earth. Our focus is to bring people closer to the land. We are located on 120 acres outside Newark, New York that is home to native wildlife, woods, ponds, wetlands and a drumlin. Sanctuary is a welcoming and safe place to find inspiration and challenges with others, wealth in solitude, and joy in the moment.

Drumming For Peace will be held on the sundance field at Sanctuary, starts midday on Saturday the 25th and continues without interruption to Sunday midday. A continuously burning campfire will be the centerpiece around which the drumming occurs. Camping is available on site starting Friday night or you can just stop by for the drumming. A very yummy meal will be provided for Saturday's dinner to all participants. Event registration is from 6pm-8pm on Friday and from 9am-12pm on Saturday. Opening and closing ceremonies will be conducted by Dr. Lloyd Elm, an Onondaga elder who is closely connected to Sanctuary and who is a gifted speaker and a valued elder member of this community.

Each drumming participant is required to raise $150 in pledges (like walk-athons) to qualify to drum. $150 may sound like a lot at first, but that's just 10 friends at $15 each! Each drummer will only be responsible for a portion of the 24 hour period, but can drum as long as they want! We are also inviting other not for profits to use this as a fund raiser for themselves. Sanctuary will return 40% of the proceeds raised by another not for profit's drummers.

To register online, to support a drummer with a pledge, or to learn more about Sanctuary in general, please go to www.crowfieldsanctuary.org.

Please feel free to circulate this email widely to anyone that you know who likes drumming, who wants to take a stand for peace, who wants to raise funds for their organization, or who simply wants to connect with a great community for a day or two this September.

Further information can be had by calling Karen at 585-749-9698 or Chris at 315-719-3668.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will know peace." - Jimi Hendrix



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