two thousand twenty
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Ben Talbot takes a turn at the helm
Newark- This community owes its entire existence to the Erie Canal. Yep! Wouldn't be here if the ditch had not been dug!

Never forgetting their heritage, the residents of Newark are quick to support canal history and revitalization and came out in large numbers to check out the Lois McClure, an 1862 replica of a canal schooner, the kind that plied the waterways well over 100 years ago carrying loads of cargo. The Lois McClure is a teaching ship, telling the story of the last of the towpath era schooners that gave way to the self propelled vessels used after the final enlargement that became the Barge Canal.
Residents were waiting in line to board the Lois McClure on Tuesday morning and filed on board all through the day to tour the interior. The Newark Village Board and Newark Chamber of Commerce made sure that the popular canal port was ready for the event and provided food vendors and entertainment until the vessel closed for the evening.

The vessel heads west tomorrow to participate in the World Canal Conference on September 17-22 in Rochester.


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