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Newark- The Newark Fire Department is currently going door to door with a fund raising packet. If you did not receive one call the fire department at 315.331.1451

Dear Newark Friends and Neighbors,

The Newark Volunteer Fire Department would sincerely like to thank each and every resident, property owner, member and business for your support and donations. Please help us continue to provide the best fire and rescue services by supporting our 2010 fund drive with a tax-deductible contribution

The highly trained firefighters, rescue personnel, fire police and support personnel are 100% volunteer and are also your friends and neighbors. Their primary reward is knowing they've made a difference in the public safety of our community. We all rely totally on the compassion and commitment of dedicated volunteers to respond to emergencies - and to support these volunteers, we depend on donations and support from township residents like you.

Historically, the Village Board has been very supportive with funding for our operations and equipment, but financially the Fire Department still needs your help, as we would like nothing better than to keep our taxes down. People like you who respond to our fund drives have also been quite generous to help us add value to our services. So, if you see one of these Firefighters, please thank them for a job well done, for they willingly give up a good night's sleep, their family dinner, gatherings and much more to help their community when an emergency occurs, and pride themselves on complying with the National Standards and certifications which are expected of all Fire Departments. Our commitment to training is extensive and is a key element in our operation.

We are always looking for new members and junior members - stop in and see if firefighting is for you. Should you have any questions about this fund drive, fire prevention, scheduling a tour, or anything else, feel free to contact me. I can be reached at 315-331-1451 or e-mail chief@newarkfire.org


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