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Though many were afraid of Sodus Bay due to the toxic blue-green algae, there were still many activities around the Bay for area visitors to do. And on this beautiful sunny weekend, tourists, vacationers and visitors from local areas found the exciting adventures that area had to offer.

The Sodus Bay Lighthouse Museum has been holding their summer concert series. This weekend was just one of many perfect Sundays for a concert. This past Sunday, the Fiddlers of the Genesee played a series of old time familiar tunes consisting of jigs and polkas for several hundred patrons who have visited the museum.

The concert is a casual event where you can bring your own lawn chairs and blankets and spread yourselves across the well landscaped yard and beautiful flower gardens that over look Lake Ontario. They even provide bus transportation from the parking area located across the fire department for ease of parking and other traffic conditions.

The members of the museum provide a small concession area for your convenience along with a 50/50 raffle to assist their fund raising efforts for maintenance and upkeep of the museum.

Dick Stacy and the Rhythm Aces will be in the gazebo next Sunday from 2-4 p.m. for a final season performance.

For more information about the Sodus Point Lighthouse Museum, please visit http://www.soduspointlighthouse.org/.

And on the other side of the bay, Connelly's Cove is just beginning their evening of dinner and dancing with music provided by Nick Gillette.

No doubt about a good time with this hot band! This packed dance floor of hip clanking, booty shaking, feet movin', every body is groovin'... was to the rock and roll sound of Nick Gillette. This was a party with no dress code and no age requirement, just a plain old good time. With songs from Pretty Woman, Keep Your Hands to Yourself and a self written ballad confessing your sentiments to someone, were crowd pleasers that kept everyone circling the floor. As Nick Gillette put it, "Way to boogie!"

Though the algae may have put a damper on some vacations of using the beach and even some from using their homes on the islands, it encouraged others to visit other venues for a good time. I noticed while at the Lighthouse concert that there were some collecting rocks along the shoreline and was amazed at how many boats were actually out into lake itself. And at Connelly's there was a young man still fishing at the docks. After all, it is catch and release, right? Boaters actually took their boats out of the marinas and went out into beautiful Lake Ontario and there were many boats down into Chimney Bluffs. I don't think the algae was a problem at all. If anything, it may have pushed some of these birds out of the nest a little bit to go and do something else. Throughout the day I heard many great stories of what our neighbor boaters had done during the day and it perhaps that was what was meant to be after all. The algae, in due course, will subside and dissipate, and everyone will go back to their usual course of summertime fun, but this day was an exceptional day full of fun and I was glad for those who went out looking for it.


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1 Comment to "Plenty to do on Sodus Bay"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I think it is a nice break from having a ton of people on the bay.

    Posted on Tue Aug 31, 08:39:00 AM EDT


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