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Ribbon Cutting on the Erie Canal in Lyons, NY

Nichole Malec, Rep. US Congressman, Dan Maffei's Office
Brian Manktelow, Lyons Town Supervisor
Corrine Kleisle, Village of Lyons Mayor
Carmella Mantello, Director, NYS Canal Corporation
Bob Oaks, NYS Assemblyman

    The Village of Lyons has much to celebrate.  They have received funds from the NYS Greenway Grant Program to enhance the north-side of the Erie Canal between Lock 27 and Route 14.  The improvements include floating docks, electrical facilities, water and a pump-out station for traveling boaters along with updated shower facilities at the Fire Department.
    "This is a lot about this community, this county, this state.  Lyons is a part of what's growing, changing and improving this waterway", says State Assemblyman, Bob Oaks as he leads the Village of Lyons into a joyous celebration."
    Carmella Mantello, Director of the NYS Canal Corp. who was also present at today's ribbon cutting ceremony also commented that this project is the economic engine that "will connect the canals to Main Street".  People are coming by canal and trail to visit these communities and Lyons is ready to meet and greet them when they arrive.

    Capt. Mike Coon, Lyons Mayor, Corrine Kleisle,
    Palmyra Mayor Vicky Daly, Maint. Asst. Marine, Gina Powell
    Part of the celebration was the four boat Flotilla that initiated the festivities.  The Urger, built in 1901, is the oldest operating tug boat in the US, and led the fleet into the Village with a bang delighting all those awaiting.  The Urger is on the National Registry of Historic Places.  Next was the M.V Grand Erie, who gracefully entered with an Irish Celtic Band aboard.  Next came the Wards Island, out of Syracuse.  This working boat, crane included, places the buoys in and out of the canal, along with any other large items such as falling trees.  Last in line, the Seneca.

    The Flotilla will leave Lyons and head to Rochester for the World Canals Conference beginning on Sunday in Rochester.  This will be the second time that Rochester has been able to host this event.


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    2 Comments to "Flotilla Arrives in Lyons"

    1. Anonymous Said,

      This event was much ado about nothing. A photo op for elected officials and not much more then that. With a the money being spent on the canal in Lyons it comes down to a sidewalk along side the canal and a place for boats passing through to get free water, and electric.

      Posted on Sat Sep 18, 05:25:00 PM EDT

    2. Anonymous Said,

      Wow- A photo without DeCracker. How did it happen?

      Posted on Sun Sep 19, 03:31:00 PM EDT


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