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By John Addyman

   GALEN (Sep 20 10) – Galen Supervisor Steve Groat announced at noon today that he is switching party affiliation from Democratic to Republican on Nov. 3. 

When the Wayne County Board of Supervisors holds its Republican caucus before each monthly meeting of the entire board, Groat has been excluded as the sole Democrat on the 15-supervisor body.
   “This has nothing to do with politics, it’s about know what’s going on,” Groat said. “I want to make sure I have my ears close to what’s going on behind the scenes.”
   Groat said he had approached Board Chairman Jim Hoffman (Williamson) to ask what occurred in those monthly caucus meetings. “He told me nothing was decided,” Groat said.
   But when the county resolutions are voted on, Hoffman decides whether to hear the vote of each member – a “long roll” – or to have two supervisors cast a vote for the rest of the board – a “short roll.” It’s clear that some discussion has taken place before the public vote.
   “When they leave that (caucus) meeting, they know the issues that may come up on the floor and pretty much who is going to vote for what,” said Groat. “And there are unofficial things that may be decided in that meeting.”
   To make sure his voice is heard and he is actively representing Galen, Groat decided not to fight the majority, but to join it. “In a conscientious effort to best serve my constituents and to more effectively participate with the overwhelming majority of my Republican colleagues at the county, I find it necessary to change my political affiliation,” Groat’s noontime notice reads.
   “As the only member of the minority party, I am not allowed to attend crucial discussion meetings on many important issues that impact the residents of Wayne County. During these difficult economic times, this re-alignment will allow me to be more actively involved during the initial stages of planning and development.”
   “In lieu of all the stuff that’s going on with county recycling (which the supervisors may stop) and the Certified Home Health Agency (which the supervisors want to sell off), I just don’t want to miss any of the behind-the-scenes meetings,” Groat said. “I find it extremely important to make this change as quickly as possible.”
   Groat, who is two and a half years through a four-year term, said “quickly as possible” is Nov. 3, after the general election – the first date the changeover can be official. “I’ve already filed all the paperwork,” he said, adding that he had also sent out an electronic notification of the change.
   He said he’s asking his constituents and the other town supervisors to “join me in a bipartisan approach to a more productive level of improving life and protecting the future of the 15 townships in Wayne County.”


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  1. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    A further blow to the failure of today's two-party system? Perhaps it's time for more to consider the idea of the Coffee Party, a non-party affiliated group that intelligently discusses real stuff.

    The first Coffee Party chapter in Wayne County meets at Books, ETC. in Macedon on the 4th Tuesday of each month, at 5:30 pm.

    Posted on Mon Sep 20, 01:25:00 PM EDT

  2. Anonymous Said,

    "Its got nothing to do with politics" come on how stupid does he think we all are. At least be truthful

    Posted on Mon Sep 20, 02:06:00 PM EDT

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Great the party of NO ideas except bigotry and hate.
    Groat is a follower not a leader.

    Posted on Mon Sep 20, 04:22:00 PM EDT

  4. Anonymous Said,

    Mr. Groat why not show some spine and challenge the meeting before the meeting as illagal and violates the "Sunshine law" which requires a meeting of elected officials when the resolutions are discussed needs to be open to the public and minutes to be taken I believe. So what I gather is that you don't have a problem them breaking this law you just want to join them while they do it. You would think 1 of the fifteen supervisors would have a sense of right and wrong but I guess I am just naive. To bad isn't it

    Posted on Mon Sep 20, 04:30:00 PM EDT

  5. Anonymous Said,

    I would like to welcome Mr. Groat to our party, the Republican Party, the party of our beloved President, Abraham Lincoln.
    "Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm." A. Lincoln

    Posted on Mon Sep 20, 04:58:00 PM EDT

  6. Anonymous Said,

    It is also the party that has been in power for the past 50 years in Wayne County that has made Wayne one of the highest taxed counties in the country. Don't know if another party would do better but can they do worse. By the way I am republican but the facts are the republican party has done a terrible job in Wayne County.

    Posted on Mon Sep 20, 05:07:00 PM EDT

  7. Anonymous Said,

    Republicans nationally under Bush spent more than any other party and destroyed our prestige globally with our ignorance. Fox news makes me sick to be a American.
    Wayne county republicans have made this one of the hightest taxed counties in the country while our quality of life for the middle class has slowly been slipping.
    Lincoln would be disgusted by the todays republican party for sure.

    Posted on Tue Sep 21, 09:03:00 AM EDT


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