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By John Addyman

   NEWARK (Sep 16 10) – Newark Trustee Chris Avery tonight said that Wayne County’s plans to turn over the curbside recycling program to private haulers would directly and negatively affect the quality of life in the village.
   “We’re going to have (recycling) totes on the curb every day of the week in Newark,” he said. “I understand the county is making a business decision, but the quality of life will be impacted and that is not being factored in.”

    The county believes it will save $750,000 the first year it does not do curbside recycling itself, but turns it over to private trash haulers. The board of supervisors failed to bring the matter to a vote last Thursday night because of a procedural matter. Arcadia Supervisor Dick Colacino was one of five supervisors who voted against bringing the matter to the floor.
   Now the board of supervisors has to take another route to end the program, first voting on a resolution in the Economic Development Committee next Tuesday, and referring that resolution to the whole board for a final vote in a special meeting on Sept. 28.
   Avery said the village – and other municipalities served by the county curbside pickups had developed a rhythm. “We have totes on the curb once every two weeks, the truck comes through, and it’s done,” he said.
   Trustee Kurt Werts said if the county stops curbside pickup, “recycling will disappear because people won’t pay the extra money (to recycle with a private hauler).”
   Mayor Peter Blandino said the alleged tax savings of the program would disappear quickly “because the county’s expenses go up every year.”
   “If the county would guarantee that tax savings would be given back in tax relief,” said Treasurer Steve Murawski, “how are we going to measure that the relief is still there two years from now?”
   Avery said the issue would be in front of homes for all to see: “More truck traffic, more haulers on the streets, more bottles and cans tumbling down the curb. This can’t help but affect our quality of life.
   “The county is making a monumental decision that affects the quality of life for all of us,” he said. “If you have three trash trucks picking up on your street now, you could have six after this. That’s a quality-of-life issue.”


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  1. Anonymous Said,

    We need to be thankful that we have Supervisor Colacino supporting us in this matter

    Posted on Fri Sep 17, 06:48:00 AM EDT

  2. Gil Burgess Said,

    Who would be paying the private trash hauler? Would it be the taxpayer who sets out the blue box? If so, where are the savings to the taxpayer? Just keep using the system we have. I personally know of municipalities elsewhere in the U.S. that pick up both the garbage and recycling as well as yard debris throughout the summer!

    Posted on Sat Sep 18, 02:08:00 PM EDT


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