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The story of country legends, Patsy Cline and Hank Williams Sr. couldn't have been told more eloquently than by traditional artists, Ron and Nancy OneSong.  Their songbook of past time classics were a tale of good times and trails of tears that reverberated throughout the majestic Ohmann Theatre this afternoon.

A playful, Ron OneSong opens the show with a few of Hank's songs to warm up the several hundred patrons... and make a few equipment adjustments to only realize how lonely he truly is on stage.
Where for art thou, darlin'?, he bequeaths of his wife and on-stage partner, Nancy-Ann.
A perfect entrance for Miss Nancy to explain how Patsy Cline, who had a change of voice and heart after a bout with rheumatic fever, and played a cover song of Hank Sr.'s., If You Loved Me Half As Much As I Loved You, which was well received by the crowd.

This comical, but well balanced, husband and wife team, and their extremely talented band, (Melissa Gould on Fiddle, Gene Hilts on Steel Guitar & Judy Shunk on Upright-up Bass) shared stories of home, playing the music they love and a plethora of terms of endearment for each other that kept everyone entertained.

Nancy OneSong, Gene Hilts, Ron OneSong,
Melissa Gould & Judy Shunk

With a strong, luring voice of Patsy Cline and a crooning, drink more whiskey so I don't cry, Hank Williams, Sr., both of whom who left this earth long before their time, it almost seems dauntingly appropriate to be celebrating their life in this regal, historic theatre.  Hank Williams' song, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry has several haunting instrumental solo parts that were expertly drawn out by these fantastic musicians.  The vibrations of the upright bass make the song ring through to your bones, while the crying of the fiddle makes your heart weep and the tears falling from the steel guitar match those running down your cheeks.  This song is so overwhelmingly emotional, and yet one can't help but wonder how you even got there.  Perhaps it was the apparition on the wall... the spirit overlooking us all. 

And yet, whether it was on-stage, off-stage, in the news, under your nose or none of your business, there was usually a song that was describing the whole thing.  Patsy's Foolin' Around was clear to a woman's line of thinkin' while Hank was singing  I Just Don't Like This Kind of Livin'.  Either way, both had a way of saying exactly what was on their mind.

And, right, wrong or indifferent, there are those feelings that exist that sometimes create other feelings that we wish didn't exist.  And as Ron so plainly points out the philosophy of love songs, 1) finding love, 2) losing love and 3) wishing it never came along in the first place, there is Hank or Patsy song that goes along with any of the three previously mentioned.

But Ron and Nancy have that knack of creating a fun show that makes people laugh and feel good.  It's full of love and laughter even through their storytelling of love gained and dreams lost.  Their show provides a sense of "it's gonna' be alright". And somehow when it's all done, you know it's just that... everything is going to be alright.  
"We have been to just about every show they have ever done!", says Marvin Stewart of South Butler.  "We love their show, and we love this theatre, it's a beautiful place." 

 Rozanne & Marvin Stewart
South Butler

Ron and Nancy OneSong will be visiting the glorious Ohmann Theatre in December for the OneSong Country Holiday on December 19th for a seasonal celebration.  For more information on Ron and Nancy OneSong you can visit their website at http://www.medinastonefarm.com.  


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