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By John Addyman

LYONS (Sep 28 10) – The Wayne County Board of Supervisors ended the county’s role in the curbside recycling program this morning when 11 of the 15 supervisors voted to turn things over to private haulers, effective Jan. 1 2011. 
   Voting against the measure were supervisors Steve Groat (Galen), Dick Colacino (Arcadia), Brian Manktelow (Lyons) and Laurie Crane (Huron). In the county’s weighted voting system, where each supervisor’s vote is multiplied by a population factor, the actual “aye” votes were 3,026, out of a total of 4,225.

   The debate about the program continued right up to the vote, with three residents addressing the board and continuing a tradition of unanimously opposing the move to end county-sponsored recycling.

     Mary Ellen Fava said that despite the high taxes in the county, “one of the best deals is the recycling pickup.” She suggested making the program more effective and working with companies that use recycled materials to improve the pipeline for what comes out of the MRF (Materials Recovery Facility).
She asked the county to get out of the Western Finger Lakes Solid Waste Management Authority altogether and provide its own homegrown program, and to promote and commit to it as a business.

     Barbara DuBois of Town & Country Disposal in Williamson, a new waste-hauling company, said the timing of the county’s departure from curbside recycling “couldn’t be worse.” She said equipment to comply with the recycling program’s mandates for private haulers “isn’t in our budget.” She said the county’s recycling program was “well-run” and suggested ways the county could save money and stay in operation.

     She warned that small haulers would be jeopardized by the supervisors’ vote. “Everyone will pay for this decision,” DeBois said. “The biggest losers are the residents of Wayne County. Ending this program will be a great mistake.”

     Walter Gilges told the supervisors, “The state requires us to have a recycling program, but you are effectively gutting it. Over the last three years you have deliberately avoided providing the necessary funds for replacement of trucks and now use the need for such funds as a reason for shifting pick-up to private haulers.

     “You are proposing to allow private haulers to determine where they will deliver recyclables and to determine in what form they will pick up recyclables, so that the existing MRF will no longer be the collection point, thereby ensuring that in another year you will be able to argue that the MRF is totally uneconomic…you are shifting the entire cost of the program to the taxpayers while claiming to be reducing their taxes.”

     Groat, who had led the opposition to the amended law in committee, in the board’s chambers and in the electronic media, said the supervisors were providing a mandate that would put some county haulers out of business. He repeated some of DeBois’s points as proof.

     He said he had pushed for a Seneca County model where each household has two recycling pickups a month, and the county bid out the program. “We have not explored this option,” he said. “We’re not listening to the public or the business community.”

     Colacino recommended keeping the program, but expanding it with input from haulers, businesses and residents. “We have a duty to represent, not to dictate,” he said, noting that he had heard “overwhelming support” in Arcadia for the present program.

     “I’ve not had one phone call, not one e-mail, not one personal contact asking me to end the program,” he said. Colacino reminded the supervisors about the many complaints heard in chambers about unfunded mandates. He said he was an electrical contractor and didn’t want to be forced into being a plumber – like trash haulers were being forced into recycling. That was an unfunded mandate. “Are we any better (than the state)?” Does that make us hypocrites?”

     Supervisor Bob Plant (Walworth) pointed out that less than half the households in the county recycle now. He, too, had talked to haulers, and none of them felt that taking on recycling would drive them out of business. The costs those haulers would charge to add the recycling program to their duties would be $0 - $5 per month. “All the comments I heard in Walworth were, ‘Yes – end recycling.’”

     An anonymous letter about the recycling program sent to residents of Savannah got Supervisor Ken Lauderdale upset because of the amount of misinformation in it. He said the revised law would not end curbside recycling but could simplify it and because of that, more people would recycle.

     “It’s going to be very expensive if we continue to subsidize recycling in Wayne County,” Lauderdale said.

     Ontario Supervisor Bob Kelsch advised haulers who feared the new program would put them out of business to “get creative.” He said the Tompkins County recycling model, although a good one, would cost a great deal for Wayne County to begin.

     Supervisor Lucinda Collier (Rose) said one problem with the present recycling setup is that it is run by a joint York-Wayne county authority with no supervisors on it. Wayne County ends up subsidizing the authority, and that’s not right, she said.

     “We either get into recycling big and take it over or we get out of it,” she said. “We cannot afford to get into it.”

     Manktelow agreed that private haulers would charge low fees for recycling –
at the beginning. Then what? He used Time-Warner Cable as an example of a service that promises low rates, then keeps on raising prices year after year.

     “What’s going to happen to our constituents?” Manktelow asked. He felt the supervisors need more controls and parameters to protect residents. “And the MRF is not going to survive if we pass the law. We should close it down. Big business is not going to let it survive.”

     Under the new law, haulers can bring recyclables to the MRF and not pay a tipping feet.

(Pictured below, at the meeting, left to right, top to bottom: Walworth Supervisor Bob Plant, Mary Ellen Fava, Walter Gilges, Supervisor Steve Groat)


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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Are you serious? Maybe you guys should have told us all that BEFORE our recycling piled up for 4 weeks! My porch looks like a redemption center.
    Now we are supposed to PAY to recycle? Hahaha yeah right! I just saw on the news that the census showed that thousands of people left NYS over the past 10 years... This is just one more stupid move New York did that makes me want to get the heck out of here! 3 more years and I am out - moving to South Carolina where the gas is $2.19, cigarettes are $35 a CARTON for name brand and there is NO state income tax.

    Also, aren't we supposed to be concerned about going green? It is going to kill me to do this but I am going to go dump all my recycling in the garbage can. I just love to contribute in making Mount Trashmore bigger and bigger!!!

    New York State is a joke and apparently Wanye County is too.

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 11:27:00 AM EDT

  2. rikostan Said,

    I'd like to hear the thoughts behind this decision, but my first thought is this is a horrible, horrible idea.

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 11:31:00 AM EDT

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Way to go!!!! Now all recyclable products will end up in the landfill because people won't pay to have it picked up!!! With the amount of money we pay for County taxes we should get more services than we do! Does this mean my taxes will go down!?!?! TIme to get out of Wayne County and New York State all together!!! Just one more poor decision for the people of this state.

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 12:01:00 PM EDT

  4. Anonymous Said,

    History will show that the big haulers had several supervisors in their pockets.

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 12:19:00 PM EDT

  5. Sarah Zaso Said,

    Man y'all DON'T GET IT it was going to go up EVERY YEAR that means our taxes would go up EVERY YEAR Higher and higher. There is NO MARKET for the recyclables right now until our markets come back there is no demand.

    And the argument about people tossing it because they have to pay for it is lame at best do you purposely NOT use something that you already pay for?

    Only half used our recycling anyway yet all paid for it and businesses WERE NOT USING IT!!! So the dumping stuff at the dump was already happening in BIG ways since businesses were using it. ALL CAR PARTS are packed in boxes guess where they go now?

    I wonder how mnay of you would be here griping when our taxes doubled to pay for the Authority and the trucks?

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 02:05:00 PM EDT

  6. Anonymous Said,

    terrible recycling was a program that worked. America the great waster.

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 02:22:00 PM EDT

  7. Anonymous Said,

    I'm very disappointed in this decision! Our family recycles at the curb and we also find ways to reuse materials in our home. I've tried to set an example for my children that recycling saves our environment and is important to their future.
    I'm saddened that in the end it all comes down to money! Yes money runs out, but newsflash, so does clean space on this planet!!!! Maybe these supervisors should consider how much money it's going to cost to clean and move the city size garbage piles we're going to have to deal with!
    Our family will continue to recycle and we hope others will do the right thing and continue to do so despite the cost or inconvenience.

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 02:23:00 PM EDT

  8. Anonymous Said,

    recycling gone....sad this was a example good use of tax payer money. Watch taxes will not go down anyway.

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 02:29:00 PM EDT

  9. Sarah Zaso Said,

    nobody is expecting taxes to go down but keeping recycling would ahve assured they went UP
    budget this year 1.15 MILLION next year 1.44 MILLION and this doesn't include updating the MRF(which needs to be done) or buying new trucks!!

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 03:43:00 PM EDT

  10. Anonymous Said,


    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 03:57:00 PM EDT

  11. Anonymous Said,

    I went to the meeting. I can not believe that no one in the town of Walworth spoke to Plant the supervisor in favor of keeping recycling in our towns. He made it clear that he did not receive any call from a Walworth resident or e-mail in favor of recycling. Now I know there are people in Walworth who want and know they should recycle. Don't you? Did anyone bother to call or E-mail? Is he telling us the truth, NO one Cares in Walworth? Why are these residents not speaking up? Why are you letting these Supervisors control our decisions. WAKE UP WAYNE COUNTY!

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 04:08:00 PM EDT

  12. Tax Hacker Jon Said,

    hell yeah anonymous! WAKEUPWAYNECOUNTY.COM


    The reason why Bob Plant got up there and told a bold face lie is because he is in bed with Holdraker. Holdraker shut out the other people who were running against Plant last year. Wouldn't even mention them in his rag.

    The Holdrakers are on the Walworth Republican Committee. That means in the world of politics, they pull Plant's strings.

    Holdraker is the main guy that has been pushing for the county to do this. He's the one that wrote the piece about casella, then wrote about K&D.

    When the dust settles it will be clear that the only two businesses to benefit from this were advertisers with the times.

    For those of you who think Holdraker doesn't have power over our leaders, go read the inside cover of the times. Look how many towns and villages use him for their legal paper. It's you scratch my back, I scratch yours. The different boards in the county vote to use the times as their official paper, and pay Holdraker for legal notices each week (with your tax dollars) Holdrakers biggest revenue sources are #1 Ads #2 Legal Notices. Do you think he's going to ruffle the feathers of people who keep him in business? Up until THIS MONTH there has not been a Rep from the Times at any town meeting besides in Walworth.

    Which came first - Holdraker pushing this on the Supervisors. Or the Supervisors who were getting bought off by the big haulers using Holdsnaker as their mouth piece?

    Spend a few months going to meetings and you'll see how things really work.


    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 06:59:00 PM EDT

  13. Anonymous Said,

    Every time Holdraker announces his circulation figures his nose grows longer. If you really want to make him him nervous ask him for his "audited circulation numbers".
    The reason the Times does not cover town, school, and village meetings is because it costs money and is work.
    He does cover county meetings because he is a wanna-be county board member.

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 07:13:00 PM EDT

  14. Anonymous Said,

    Holdraker is such a disgusting one sided consevative. His opinions are what divides this nation.

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 07:18:00 PM EDT

  15. Anonymous Said,

    I think this is horrible. We are a very civilized area and your creating an enviroment for people to pile up there "recyclable" items in their yards and in the trash totes. This is unbelievable. Maybe if the county supervisors advertized this program more more then 1/2 of walworth would use it? MMMM maybe they just dig a hole and pollute the ground and bury their stuff. I'm concerned so are my neighbors we all use the county program.. Way to go Wayne County your about as functional as the Rochester City School System..Hoory LOOSERS

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 08:16:00 PM EDT

  16. Anonymous Said,

    What kind of ill logic believes that it is preferbale to pay ALOT more money to some FAT trash company owner who doesn't even live in New York State, than to pay a small amount of money in taxes to maintain the priviledge of curbside recycling pickup???

    Corruption and self-serving agendas run as deep and prevalent in Wayne County as they do in Albany and in Washington. This decision was made before it was proposed. The direction Wayne County citizens are being lead is toward landfills and nukes. The only GOOD news is that these corrupt %#@$*, who we keep voting into public office to "represent" us will also suffer the toxic effects of their short sighted greed and stupidity.

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 09:00:00 PM EDT

  17. Anonymous Said,

    a true 315 decision. I am embarrassed for our county for such short sighted logic. Lack of enviromental understanding and purpose of government.
    The red neck wayne county. sad. my supervisor just lost my vote.

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 09:29:00 PM EDT

  18. Anonymous Said,

    I must say that Mr.Holdracker looked like a chump in the meeting today. How disrespectful in sloppy clothes, his arm hanging along the chair, legs crossed in discuss looking outwards in a pathetic downward look to the citizens of Wayne County. Chuckling every once in a while at opinions and comments. Yea, he thinks he's something. But folks keep reading his stuff don't they. And he keep Hold-rakeing in the profits, doesn't he? WAKE UP WAYNE COUNTY! ...MEFava@rochester.rr.com

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 11:28:00 PM EDT

  19. Anonymous Said,

    We can only control what we can control....if this is the decision of so-called Supervisors, so be it....please everyone continue to recycle, maybe pay a bit for a hauler to take it, or take it yourself to Alpco. More disappoints in Wayne County...what a surprise.....sad day!

    Posted on Wed Sep 29, 12:29:00 AM EDT

  20. Anonymous Said,

    Wake Up Wayne County- Holdraker is a buffoon.

    Posted on Wed Sep 29, 06:33:00 AM EDT

  21. Elizabeth Indick Said,

    The Board of Supervisors seems to think that privatizing services is the answer. This is not true. NYS privatized some engineering services in DOT and now they pay much more to these people than to the employees of DOT. Once the big trash haulers (like Casella) become the providers of recycling services, then they have control of the prices they charge, because there is little to no competition.

    Posted on Wed Sep 29, 09:37:00 AM EDT

  22. John Zornow Said,

    A sad day for Wayne County. This opens the the floodgates up for the big haulers to hold us hostage.
    Kudos to Supervisors Groat, Colacino, Manktelow, and Crane, who know what "representation" is all about. Shame on all the rest.

    Posted on Wed Sep 29, 11:04:00 AM EDT

  23. Anonymous Said,

    just read this artical and have to say. This is a disgrace and another ugle American moment. Some taxes are needed for the good of our society.

    Posted on Wed Sep 29, 12:27:00 PM EDT

  24. Anonymous Said,

    It is noteworthy that a Participation in Government Class from Newark High School was at that meeting.

    Posted on Wed Sep 29, 05:55:00 PM EDT

  25. Anonymous Said,

    The Wayne Co. Board of Supervisors are such a joke. They thought they were saving money, and gaining votes, but after reading the comments here I realize many people feel as I do. Curbside recycling was one of the few things that I could tangibly regard as a good use for my tax $ in Wayne Co. The supervisors' votes are saying to hell with the Earth, and the people that live on it. THEY SHOUT, LONG LIVE LANDFILLS! Thanks for putting your heads together, and coming up with another decision that makes intelligent people move South for more than the winter. Will we ever be able to shake the 315 label??? Doubtful :( KThiemann@rochester.rr.com

    Posted on Wed Sep 29, 08:00:00 PM EDT

  26. Anonymous Said,

    We need to be responsible for our tremendous waste we produce and think about the earth we hand off to our children's children. Our era will be know as the great wasters of the earth. We have lost the sense of community and we are carried away with greed. Shame on us!!
    Will we ever grow up as a species and live within nature and not abuse it.

    Posted on Wed Sep 29, 08:35:00 PM EDT

  27. Anonymous Said,

    Just wondering as a compromis could there be drop off points in each town to drop off recycle material. Personally I would prefer this since I always seem to forget what day the pick ups were.

    Posted on Thu Sep 30, 12:31:00 PM EDT

  28. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    It's amazing what ideas surface when the people are involved in the process! Multiple drop-off points are an interesting idea.

    Posted on Thu Sep 30, 12:34:00 PM EDT

  29. Anonymous Said,

    Seth, I agree, wonderful and creative ideas do surface when people get involved in the process. This is one of those times that the people were left out of the loop, and not given enough information by the supervisors about what they were about to do. It's difficult to come up with creative ideas when we don't even know that we should be thinking about solutions. Yes, sites in each town for recycling would be a terrific idea, saving on time and gas $ for the taxpaper to have to haul recyclables across towns, or to the other side of the county. Next we'll need more road deputies to patrol all the people driving cars back and forth for recycling. The fossil footprint just keeps growing! Karen KThiemann@rochester.rr.com

    Posted on Thu Sep 30, 03:18:00 PM EDT

  30. Anonymous Said,

    More deputies? fossil footprint? No offense but what are you talking about?

    Posted on Thu Sep 30, 03:29:00 PM EDT

  31. Anonymous Said,

    I don't believe that people were left out of the loop. This issue has been in the papers for months.
    The public refuses to attend county board meetings even when they hold special night sessions. You have to get involved.

    Posted on Thu Sep 30, 06:01:00 PM EDT

  32. Anonymous Said,

    It has been in the papers for weeks. A great deal of time and effort was expended by several taxpayers to ensure people knew and had opportunity to make their opinions known to their supervisors. Even people who DEFINATELY KNEW this was coming did not take the time to make a call, send an e-mail or attend a meeting. If we do not participate then we will have to live with the decisions made by a handful of corrupt or just plain ignorant county officials. Show up or shut up!!!

    Posted on Thu Sep 30, 08:15:00 PM EDT


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