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It's a brand new welcome to Lyons as you roll into the village from the north on Route 14 - Phelps Street, behind the Elementary School. The majestic sign on display, painted by local artist, Gerry Clingerman, stands tall and proud to greet all who enter the quaint little village with a side kick companion that reads A Main Street Community.
"The town clock is one of Village's identifying symbols. Next to the Wayne County Courthouse, the clock is what designates Lyons", says Mayor Corrine Kleisle.
With a myriad of positive changes and influences in the community, it was only necessary for new signs to follow in that natural progression. 

Lyons has been designated a "Main Street Community" as well as Lyons' Mural Mania Program receiving national recognition from the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor for its Historic Murals of Lyons.  

Most recently the Village of Lyons has received funds from the NYS Erie Canal Corp. to develop the north side of the Erie Canal for boaters and other tourists as well as a Main Street Grant for building improvements of its historic downtown. 

Lyons' village is a work in progress, but with its many committees of volunteers and organizations working together to create one beautiful downtown, their hard work is starting to pay off.  Whether it's to gather to weed, plant flowers, mow the grass, paint murals, greet visitors, there is always someone nearby happy to point out all the fascinating things there are to do in town. 

So, from all of us, to all of you... Welcome to the Village of Lyons!


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