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SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (21-Sep-2010)

Conversation with the Mayor

The question ‘What’s happening (fill in the blank )?’ or ‘What’s going on at (again fill in the blank)?’ comes up all the time. Of late it the question is ‘What’s happening on Prospect Hill?’ The answer is ‘several things’. Right at the moment, there are two unrelated crews working at the top of the hill. One is working on the cell tower site. Years ago the village granted a permanent easement to a cell tower firm and the company is currently making improvements to its equipment and support areas. The size of the easement has not been increased. The other crew, Amstar, is in the process of painting the inside and outside of the village water tower. That process should be completed within the next few weeks and was long overdue.

Both of these projects are short term, which is good, because later in the fall, a logging operation will begin. Three simultaneous projects in that space would be excessive. The logging operation plan came about because we needed to remove trees to facilitate the painting of the water tower. That fact caused us to look at the 31 acre wood lot and inquire as to maintenance of it from a stewardshhip point of view. The woods are thick and the trees tall and straight. Representatives of the DEC met with us and offered to work with us on the development of stewardship plan. There would be no cost to the village. We accepted. A logging operation to take trees appropriate for cutting, as tagged by the DEC, will take place this winter, a preferred time. The DEC will provide us with a list of companies with which they have had experience and will suggest the minimum bid we should consider for the identified lumber. Because this has not been done in more years than anyone can identify, they suggested a second cutting in ten years, sooner than usually done. It will be better for the forest as a whole and good for the village.

The other question popping up regularly has to do with what is happening in the 300 block on East Main. Lots. Two of the existing shops have moved, just slightly, to make room for a new antique shop on Main Street. Here is the current line up, all on East Main: 307 – Gallery of Styles; 309 – D’Antques, and 313 – Magpie and Sparrow, Antiques & Vintage Finds, owned and operated by Joanne Jeffrey. Joanne’s arrival in Palmyra brings the total number of antique shops in the village to four and all in very easy walking distance with Surline’s Brick House Antiques at 247 East Main and on the other end of the foursome Dean George’s Palmyra Canal Shop. I think that’s great!

Diagonally across from our ‘antique avenue’ ( my words not theirs ) at 210 East Main Street is a new hair salon, Missy Cossaboon’s Samson’s Hair.

Please make Joanne and Missy welcome. Stop in and say hello.

By the time you read this the World Canals Conference 2010 will be history. Now, on day 3, I think it can be deemed a huge success. 380 attendees from 17 countries have come together to discuss every possible aspect of canals, to share successes, their experiences with bumps in the road and how they overcame them, and their plans for the future. As impressive and of even greater importance to us locally was the open-to-the-public event at the Blue Cross Arena. From 1:00 to 5:00 PM on Sunday, the 21st, more than 7000 people visited to learn more about the canal and our canal communities and organizations. Congratulations go to Historic Palmyra whose booth won first prize in the historic/museum category. Terry Hopkins’ paintings depicting the museums of Hostoric Palmyra set off the winning display.


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