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Williamson sophomore Cassidy Bishop was
on cruise control, winning by 50 yards.
By John Addyman

LYONS (Sep 21 10)(CORRECTED) – The Williamson duo of Nick Frawley and Cassidy Bishop ran to first-place finishes, leading their teams to wins over Honeoye, Bloomfield and Lyons in a cross-country quad meet this afternoon.

Frawley out-dueled teammate Doug Smith to win in 18:51.4, with Smith on his shoulder at the finish line and ending up with an 18:51.7 clock. Cody Garrad was third for a 1-2-3 Marauder finish.

“This is my first win,” said Frawley. “Doug and I sprinted it out at the end. I was ahead, but he came up on me at the end.” He said the course wasn’t bad “except for that monster hill. I stopped to take a breath at the top and said to myself, ‘Oh, I’ve got to keep going.’”

Brad Overacre of Lyons inished fifth in a large field,
running his third stright personal best of the season.
Lyons sophomore Brad Overacre, in just his second year of cross-country, was in 15th spot half-way through the race and made up 10 spots to finish fifth.

“He’s a leader on the team,” said coach Lauren Szklany. “He makes a strong effort every day in practice. He’s very helpful to the other kids; very dependable.”

Lyons fielded a two-man team, but it doesn’t phase Overacre, who said he’s got time “to teach other people how to push themselves.” The finish time was his second personal best of the year.

“Third,” he corrected. “I had a 19:34 at the HAC meet, 19:25 at the Genesee Community College Invitational, and 19:23 here today,” he said, adding that his experience on the Lyons hill gave him a slight advantage. “You have to push yourself even more, even when your muscles hurt.”

With temperatures in the high 70s and a light breeze, the race was run in perfect fall conditions.

Bishop took the lead 150 yards from the start line in the girls’ race and just kept going, making it look easy with a 50-yard margin of victory at the end of the race over Honeoye’s Ariel Denoto. Bishop finished in 21:12, with Denoto crossing at 21:27. The next four runners were Marauders.

“The hill really killed me,” Bishop said. “But I did what the coach said – ‘Keep the same amount of energy up the hill and blast them down.’” A sophomore who has been on the varsity since 8th grade, Bishop set a pace and glided across the flat portions of the course, an aspect that favored her team, she felt.

Lyons runner Larissa Converse (right) overcame
hip pains to finish 16th in Tuesday's meet.
Lyons runner Larissa Converse finished 16th in 25:51, gritting it through a hip injury she sustained in August that flared up 100 meters from the start line. She was the top Lyons finisher.

“I was hurting by the time I got behind the backstop (at the far end of the field where the race started),” she said. “The pain goes down to my knee and to my shin.” She walked straight off the field to find an ice pack, and laid down on the ground for 15 minutes after her run. “I did all right,” she added. “Today was my second-best time here.”

“My kids all pushed themselves,” said Szklany, “and I saw a lot of good sportsman ship today – kids from other teams cheering runners on.”

In the team dual-meet scoring, the Williamson girls beat the other three teams handily. Honeoye bested Lyons and Bloomfield; Lyons beat Bloomfield. For the boys, Williamson beat everyone, Honeoye took are of Lyons and Bloomfield, and Bloomfield beat Lyons.

Nick Frawley (left) out-dueled teammate Doug Smith
to grab his first-ever cross-country win at the quad
meet in Lyons. The Williamson duo led a Marauder
sweep of the competition.

Top Finishers, Boys: 

1- Nick Frawley (Williamson) 18:51.4
2- Doug Smith (Wmsn) 18:51.7
3-Cody Garrad (Wmsn) 19:09
4-Aric Lesperance (Honeoye) 19:16
5- Brad Overacre (Lyons) 19:23

Top Finishers, Girls:

1-Cassidy Bishop (Williamson) 21:12
2-Ariel Denoto (Honeoye) 21:27
3-Tricia Phillips (Wmsn) 21:58
4-Rayenne Luke (Wmsn) 22:20
5-Haley Appleby (Wmsn) 22:32


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