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SUBMITTED by Janice Fitzpatrick (6-Oct-2010)

VOTE! Democracy depends on it! The Wayne County League of Women Voters encourages all registered voters to make the effort to vote on Tuesday, November 2.

Ellie Drake and Sandy Keller have been representing the Wayne County LWV at County high school government classes. They gave a power point presentation based on material from the New York State league materials about the importance of voting. For more information, contact Sandy Keller, 315-331-6120 or Ellie Drake, 315-597-8952.

Rearranging the voting districts in New York state, based on census data, will start happening as soon as the census data is available. LWVNYS has developed a power point presentation on redistricting, which will presented to the public after the election. If interested in having this for your group, contact Janice Fitzpatrick, 315-331-2863.


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