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SUBMITTED by Jerry Ashley, Lyons Main Street Program (24-Oct-2010)

Many thanks to EVERY volunteer that came out to help us bring PumpkinPalooza to life! Special thanks to the volunteers that worked the fund raising booths of the participating organizations as well as to the many Lyons businesses represented. Our appreciation goes to the Chamber of Commerce's Lyons Farmer Market and to their fantastic vendors - one thought for you - next year we need MORE PUMPKINS!!! LOL (you grow 'em...we'll sell 'em!). To the LCSD Teachers, (especially the Elementary Teachers and Eric Lewis, Heather Costello, Alicia Linzy, Amanda Sanders, and Camille Clark) - to our PumpkinPalooza SPONSORS, our Farming Community, Mayor Corrine Kleisle and Supervisor Brian Manktelow and The Village of Lyons Department of Public Works (Mike Salerno and his great guys at the DPW!). To anyone that had anything to do with yesterdays' success, our sincere thanks and, as they say about saving the best for last, my thanks to the PumpkinPalooza Committee. You guys make it fun!

The LMSP will happily accept (and, in fact, encourage) any thoughts or suggestions from our community to make this festival more fun and more economically community centered (maybe a village-wide garage sale the Friday preceding PumpkinPalooza Saturday and encourage over night guests?). We welcome community participation. In these economic times, we have to pull together and work with our neighbor. It has to be "you help me, I'll help you". Promotional business tie-ins? We welcome them...at-home businesses? Talk to me about a place for next year! Local artisan? Let's get your artwork / handicraft on display and sold! To our Farming Community and local growers...we welcome your input on how we can make this profitable for you - how can we celebrate you and your spirit?

The LMSP may be contacted at lyonsmainstreetprogram@gamil.com or at 315-871-4220.


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