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By John Addyman

   NEWARK (Oct 20 10) – It’s changeover time in the Village of Newark – the canal will close for boat traffic in a few weeks, the trail alongside it is ready for an update, the parks are getting buttoned up for winter, and indoor activities are warming up.
   Last night the Village Board of Trustees approved a contract with Lu Engineers to help write a grant application to the Recreational Trails Program for $150,000.  

   Mayor Peter Blandino and Treasurer Steve Murawski explained the grant will be used to pave the trail through the village because some people who want to use the trail have difficulty navigating its gravel surface.
   “We wanted to put asphalt in when we built it,” said Blandino, “but the Canal Authority wanted stone dust.” He said the gravel surface did not stop erosion from taking place at some parts of the trail, creating a yearly maintenance headache. The asphalt work will cost about $75,000, “but last us for many, many years,” he said.
   Murawski said the grant requires a 20 percent match in funds, which the village believes can be accommodated through in-kind manpower services. He added the grant is awarded on a regional basis, and will be competitive – but things look good.
   Blandino felt the fact Newark has already spent $350,000 on the canal trail would also be in the village’s favor. “We don’t just have our hand out as many do,” he said.
   Season Changeover
   Mike Muscolino, director of the Alex Eligh Community Center, reported that the seasons are indeed changing. The annual Halloween party is scheduled for Oct. 29 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. “We usually have a couple hundred kids show up,” He told the board.
Men’s and women’s volleyball leagues have started, and swimming programs are set for the high school and Finger Lakes DDSO pools.
   The fall/winter basketball leagues that normally use the DDSO gym may have to be moved to Kelley School. 
   Leaf pickup has begun on village streets, but Trustee Kurt Werts noted that this is one of those years when the leaves stay on the trees until the last minute – then all come down at once.
   Murawski said he had heard a forecast for Halloween – snow and freezing rain.
   Someone brought apples to the meeting, and Operations Manager Jim Bridgeman held one up, shaking it at Murawski. “If I wasn’t hungry, I’d throw this at you,” Bridgeman said.
   Boat traffic is slowing down a bit on the canal, which will be closed to navigation on Nov. 15.
   “We had a very, very successful season at the port of Newark,” Blandino said. “We’ve heard nothing but accolades.”
   “Every day was busy,” said Trustee John Zornow, who is the administrative assistant at the Chamber of Commerce office at the port, welcoming boaters every morning. “I thought we were slowing down but we had quite a day today. It’s amazing the people you meet. We saw boats of all sizes and shapes and colors.”
   This morning Zornow reported the red tug boat “Virginia” was docked in Newark.
   Blandino said when boat traffic was stopped because of high water in Lyons, people wanted to be in Newark and the port was full. “If you get stuck, you want to get stuck in Newark,” he said.
   Other Meeting Items
·      The village has begun turning water off in 450 delinquent accounts
·      A hair salon and two new bakeries are opening in the village
·      Newark and Arcadia board members will meet with the school board next Wednesday at 6 p.m. in a “linkage” session
·      Trustee Helen Blandino reported the new digital mammography suite at Newark-Wayne Hospital is “bright, warm and comfortable.”
·      Robert Guilliams will be allowed to buy a portion of undedicated Spahr Alley, behind Lake Street. He asked to but other portions, but the board decided to see if other homeowners bordering the alley are similarly interested.
·      Murawski reported the tax collection rate at 94.5 percent – “pretty close to historical trends,” he said.


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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Great article and a great job with the canal parks. This just brings up a couple of questions that come to mind. When we talk about grants and services provided to the village, and labor is our commitment, what is the dollar amount? Also are there more murals planned for the canal or anyplace else in the village? A few years ago I know that the paper reported that there was an approximate cost of around forty thousand dollars. I am wondering what our total cost is at this point and if there is more to be spent in the future?
    Keep up the good work, but please be ever watchful of the dollars being spent in today’s economy.

    Posted on Thu Oct 21, 08:24:00 AM EDT


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