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Angela Catalano
General Manager (Studebaker's Grille)
By:  Stephanie L. Knarr

Angela Catalano, who resides in Gananda with her husband, Chris and two cats, Moe and Max, commutes daily to Lyons where she is employed as the General Manager at Studebaker's Grille.  She has been on the Studebaker's team since September of 2007, just a few short months after Studebakers' doors opened for business.

From a community business perspective, we had a few questions for Angela...

What business in Lyons do you use most?

Lyons National Bank.  I go there everyday.  And because they have a branch in Macedon, I can even go there on an off day if I need to.  The nice part about the bank is that no matter which branch I go into, I know everyone there and they are always so happy.

What do you like best about Lyons?

My family is from here.  Though I don't live here, there's a certain comfort level here that makes it feel like home.

Studebaker's Grille, owned by JoAnn James, has been a welcomed addition to the community and has become well known for its full service dining and banquet facilities.  For more information about Studebaker's, you may visit their website at www.studebakersgrille.com.

*A partner project of the Lyons Chamber of Commerce


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