two thousand twenty
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Dear Neighbors,

In August; 139 males and 51 females (190 total) were committed to the jail facility, 154 court transports and 13,757 inmate meals were served. Inmates worked a total of 1,729 hours of labor in laundry, facility cleaning and food service. Court Security Officers cleared 5,167 people entering the Hall of Justice through the magnetometer securing 112 weapons (knives, razors, and scissors). 

Deputies traveled 95,315 miles on patrol, investigating 80 motor vehicle accidents, 10 missing persons, 16 animal complaints, 1,216 miscellaneous complaints, 536 minor crimes, 22 major crimes and 14 fires. Deputies issued 291 traffic tickets, 7 DWIs and made 101 criminal arrests. The Records Office processed 40 pistol permit applications. 

The Marine Patrol handling 46 complaints, inspecting 10 vessels, issued 6 Navigation summons and assisted 10 disabled boats. The Civil Office served 131 legal papers, handled 9 evictions, received $180,273.75 (including bail and fines) and paid out $122,757.97 to creditors. $15,398.70 was remitted to Wayne County Treasurer Thomas Warnick for the General Fund.

In September; Deputies provided safeguard at the Savannah Potato Festival and assisted Palmyra PD with their Canal Town Days Festival and Parade. Through Operation Safe Child deputies issued ID’s for 29 children at Clyde Health Fair, 42 children at Palmyra Canal Town Days and 20 children at the Macedon FD. The Sheriff’s Office, Lyons, Newark, Macedon, Palmyra, Sodus, Sodus Point and Wolcott Police Departments participated in a joint firearms training qualifications provided by Firearms Instructors Major Lester Carr (SO), Sergeant James Thomson (Newark PD) and Officer William Powell (Macedon PD).     

Sergeant Chuck Verplank completed 20 years of service and Correction Officer Eric Wood 15 years. I salute them for their service.

The Nationwide Prescription Drug “Take-Back” Day that occur on Saturday, September 25, 2010 in collaboration with the Western Finger Lakes Solid Waste Authority and WayneNet collected 305 pounds of old and/or no longer used medication and prescription drugs. This project was an enormous success and showcased what can occur when agencies cooperate, collaborate and partner together. Waste Authority Director Sharon Lilla, Macedon Police Chief John Colella and Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Bob Hetzke (both WayneNet Co-commanders) were the organizers of the project. The 305 pounds of medication and prescription drugs were turned over to the Rochester DEA Office for destruction. This project will be enhanced next year to further reduce the abuse of prescription medication and help maintain water quality.  

I was accepted and had the opportunity to attend the National Sheriffs’ Institute in Longmont, Colorado September 19 - 25th. The training is provided in the spring and fall of each year with only thirty Sheriffs from across the country being accepted for each session. The training focused on leadership, self-awareness, public partnerships and command staff development. The training, transportation, meals and lodging were provided by the National Sheriffs’ Association and U.S. Department of Justice.     

Two new Vehicle and Traffic Laws effective August 30, 2010; Section 1180 (speeding) requires drivers to drive at an appropriate speed when approaching and passing an emergency situation involving an authorized emergency vehicle displaying emergency lights and Section 375 allows a blue light to be affixed to any fire vehicle for rear projection only. Please slow down, give adequate roadway room and use caution when driving upon any emergency situation where emergency vehicle lights are displayed (fire, ambulance and police vehicles).   

Make sure you display your headlights and taillights when driving in rainy conditions to comply with the law and for your safety.

Please contact me at 315.946.5797 or bvirts@co.wayne.ny.us with any questions or concerns you may have.


Barry Virts, Sheriff


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