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SUBMITTED by Larry Ann Evans, Museum of Wayne County History (15-Sep-2010)

Calling all Wayne County High School Students for “Timeless” High School Photo Exhibit

The Wayne County Historical Society Museum of Wayne County History would like to involve Wayne County High School students in a new Student Photo Exhibit, “Timeless”. The exhibit will take place throughout the Museum and in the changing exhibit room with the preview party planned for November 4 at 7pm.

The exhibit was conceptualized to go hand in hand with the summer/fall exhibit, “The Attic Trunk”. Special thanks to Camille Santangelo and Alicia Lindsy from the Lyons School district for suggesting this theme for this years student photo exhibit.

55 Cherry Street, Lyons, New York

“What is timeless? Something not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion, eternal, ageless,” said Executive Director Larry Ann Evans. “We say that photographs are timeless like the picture of my house about the time it was built, 1901. The house itself hasn’t changed, hardly at all and I feel that this picture holds a timeless quality.”

Below are the regulations for entries:
  • Photographs must be of any Wayne County person, place or thing that has a timeless quality.
  • All interested Wayne County High School students who are in 9-12 grade during the 2010-2011 school year may enter up to 3 photographs, in color or black and white for the exhibit.
  • Eligible entries must be hard copy photos on photographic paper, matte or glossy.
  • Dimensions of the actual photograph must be either 4 x 6 or 8 x 10.
  • The photograph must be either matted or framed. Matting and or the frame can be of any size.
  • Each entry must have the name, address, age of student, and title of the photo clearly printed on a label on the back.
  • The exhibit will not be juried, entries will be selected by the museum collections committee. If we have an overwhelming number of photographs, one per student will probably be selected. If not, if the student enters three, most probably all three will be on exhibit.
  • All students whose photo was used for the exhibit will be listed in the exhibit program.
  • Photos do not have to be printed or developed by the students. The only criteria is that the student take the photograph.
  • Digitally or artistically enhanced photos are allowed. We would like the photographs on exhibit to be as varied and creative as possible.
All entries must be received by the Museum by Thurs. October 28. The preview party for this exhibit will be Thurs. November 4 at 7pm and all students, educators and family are invited to attend to see the photo exhibit. Photos will be returned to the students when the exhibit closes at the end of December.


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