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SUBMITTED by Belinda McElroy, Maxwell Creek Inn Bed and Breakfast (17-Nov-2010)

Senator Nozzolio is conducting his 5th Annual Holiday Drive for the Troops. He collects "stuff" to send to the troops currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most importantly, he needs addresses for servicemen and women from his district serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Information can be sent to me at (315) 483-2222 or Senator Nozzolio's office at (888) 568-9816. Deadline of all donations and addresses is December 10th. Donations can be dropped off either here or at Senator Nozzolio's office in Seneca Falls.

Some of the things our servicemen and women need are:
  • Thank-you notes and Christmas cards
    • Our troops need to know that we are still thinking of them and appreciate their sacrifice for our freedoms. 
  • eye wash
  • baby wipes and zip lock baggies
  • Q-Tips to clean guns
  • hand sanitizer (you can find boxes of individual packets at BJ's)
  • bug spray - pump spray only
  • white tube socks
  • DVD's of TV series and movies
  • breakfast bars, granola bars
    • Many times the troops come back to base from a convoy, some are immediately put on guard duty without a meal or shower. This is a quick, easy and immediate nourishment.
  • toothpaste, floss, toothbrushes
    • Ask your dentist if he / she will donate their samples to a troop of 30 soldiers (mine did when I asked)
  • shaving cream
  • disposable razors
  • unscented body lotion
  • special Christmas ornaments
  • crystal light drink mix
  • to-go drink mixes to put in their water bottles
  • nuts in individual snack packs- found at BJ's or Aldi's
  • raisins in individual snack boxes - found at BJ's or Aldi's
  • sunflower seeds in individual snack packs - found at BJ's or Aldi's
  • beef jerky
One of the things as civilians we do not realize is that our servicemen and women have to purchase these things at the PX. They are serving our country, they should not have to purchase anything with their measly paycheck.
  • School supplies such as pencils, paper, pens to give to the Iraqi and Afghan children as goodwill gifts. These items go a LONG way in gaining trust.
  • Games and anything else you can think of.
Please spread the word and THANK YOU for your support.


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