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SUBMITTED by Carol Elaine Deys (21-Nov-2010)

Shades of November, and would you believe there are probably at least 17,000 different ones - and those are only in the leaves. Can you imagine the variables there are in all of the rest of the changing colors? Crayola would be jealous! There was a time when autumn made me sad. Now that I am in the autumn of my life, I am beginning to understand what a wonderful time it can be.

Like nature, we remain the same - and yet different. Continually transforming into new and better ways to make a difference in our communities. Small communities, large communities - they are all the same. One aspect defines order - the other refines its principles, and it is there where the positive re-enforcement comes in. For many, many years - probably at least close to 200, this area has been defining a way of life for all of us. I have been looking at the websites, the newspapers and much of the historical information which has come before me in the past month. In 1807, the tolls on Mud Creek Road were collected every ten miles. I am wondering how they re-enforced that? In 1853 Macedon Academy was opened, and in 1906 The Bickford and Huffman Co. sold and moved to Ohio. The Canandaigua Treaty was signed between Timothy Pickering and fifty-nine sachems and war chiefs of the six nations in November of 1794, and many of the creators of that treaty met and conferred in and near Macedon at the 1816 Farmington Friends Meeting House. Several of the early Quaker Meetings were in Macedon and Palmyra. What a time of extensive change that must have been. Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony actually spoke in many of the churches all around this area. Celebrating today, we seldom think about all of the things which went before us, making a difference in the lives we all live. Next time you get on the Thruway, be thankful for small things - like not having to pay tolls every ten miles! I read that super highway used to be covered with deep, deep water. Hmmmmmmmmm. That's also very fascinating to me.

May we continue to benefit all we say and do in the places of our choice with not only positive re-enforcement for one another, but also declaring openly that there are better ways to make a difference in our communities - and one of them is mutual support in the businesses of our choice - political, religious, and just plain every day Mom and Pop shops like ours was. So many of you have come to see us in the past few years, and for this we are truly grateful. We celebrated twenty five years in business as PARA-DEYS TOOLS, and everywhere we go, we are reminded of the special ways you touched our lives. Thank you for being you.

A bit ago, my husband and I went to the Wm. Phelps' store in Palmyra where they celebrated Sybil Phelps' 112th birthday - give or take a year or two. I never met Sybil, but I hear that she carried with her a lot of wonderful stories and accumulated just great old things that we were able to share. As we celebrate our many Living History Museums, I hope that we can - by example, be inspired by all that Historic Palmyra has accomplished. By working together, and sharing the mutual efforts, they have managed to create magic. What an exciting potential for all of us.

A friend of ours gave a talk on ancient projectiles found in this area, and the gentleman who gave the talk was not only inspired, but inspiring in the tremendous research he had done on the subject. Can you imagine? They were from 10,000 BC, and the Native Americans before the Senecas had left this trail for us to find. A passion for excellence is always impressive! That's what we want to see happening in the extended Macedon-Farmington area. All who have walked before us have created a wonderful record of the extensive journeys they walked, leaving behind a treasure worth rediscovering.

Does the imprint of your life's journey speak to others? Inspiring them to new and more dedicated ways to claim our conjoined heritage would be a wonderful, courageous way to go!

A Blessed Thanksgiving to all of you from our home at Para-Deys Acres, our place of contentment in the autumn of our mutual lives.



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1 Comment to "HOMESPUN - Chapter Four"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    What a good feeling to receive Homespun Chapter four in the quiet of my home and might I add, beautifully written by my good friend Carol Deys. Many thanks for that ray of light brought to me absolutely free!!!

    Ann Hood

    Posted on Tue Nov 23, 03:08:00 PM EST


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