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SUBMITTED by Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck, Herons Bend Productions (29-Oct-2010)

Section of Richard Kron mural

Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck, president of Herons Bend Productions will bring Peter Spier to the Rochester area November 7 for the dedication of the mural painted by artist Richard Kron on the building occupied by Liftbridge Books on Main Street in Brockport. The dedication is to be held at 11:30 a.m. Sunday November 7 and is open to the public.

The mural as it was painted can be seen on the web site at Liftbridgebooks.com.

With Peter Spier’s permission, Richard Kron localized the painting making slight changes to a water color taken from The Erie Canal, a children’s book illustrated by Peter Spier to the familiar folk song, “Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal,” or “Low Bridge, Everybody Down.”

The book was out of print for ten years before being republished by Herons Bend Productions. The company has the rights to the book. It is the mission of Herons Bend Productions to celebrate the history of the communities along the Erie Canal through publications, presentations and films.

Rosenberg-Naparsteck has been working with Mark De Cracker of Mural Mania to excite every canal town resident about their own history. Herons Bend Productions worked with Archie and Pat Kutz, owners of the Liftbridge Bookstore in Brockport, to place the mural on their building near the Erie Canal crossing. Muralist Richard Kron said he used to swim in the canal and fishes in it with his grandsons. “When I saw this painting by Peter Spier I wanted to paint it. It’s playful. I want my grandchildren to see it and say, ‘Grandpa painted that.’”

Spier was born in Amsterdam. He has won numerous awards including the Caldecott Medal and Christopher Award. The book will be available for purchase from Liftbridge Bookstore, Heronsbendproductions.com, Corn Hill Navigation, and other book outlets.


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