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Stacey Williams
Admin. Asst. (Lyons Hometown Auto)


Stacey Williams is the Administrative Assistant at Lyons Hometown Auto on Clyde Road in the Village of Lyons.  You may have talked to Stacey while scheduling an appointment for your car to be repaired as she is the chipper voice on the end of the telephone.  Initially, Stacey was the book keeper when her husband Martin first opened the automotive shop in April of 2008; but as the customer base grew and the need for more full-time people became mandatory, Stacey became a daily on-site friendly face behind the desk.

This is our hometown.  We wanted people to feel comfortable coming here., says Mrs. Williams of the naming of the automotive shop.

As a lifelong resident of the community,  she also had this to say...

Are there any businesses in Lyons that your business uses on a daily basis?

Oh yes!  Lyons National Bank, of course. And we also use Lyons Auto Parts and NAPA.

What is the most convenient business in Lyons?

The Lyons Family Restaurant.  We are in there all the time as the service is quick.  We can be in and out of there in less than 30 minutes.

Stacey, still resides in Lyons with her husband, Martin and their children.  She is actively involved in R.O.A.R. and Heritage Makers and has just recently resigned from being a Brownie Leader.

Lyons Hometown Auto is owned by Martin Williams.  Mr. Williams is a Sr. Master Technician by Ford; however, Lyons Hometown Auto specializes in general auto-mechanic repairs.  To schedule an appointment, you can call 946-6060.

*A partner project of the Lyons Chamber of Commerce.


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