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Tim Brickle, President of Ruspak Corporation, has worked for the company since he was around the age of 13, when he was  making trips to the plant with his father.  Now, the organization is a second generation family operation.  Tim works side by side with his Vice President brother in-law, Paul Mierzwa and Materials Manager brother, Andy Brickle.  Together, this family team has continued a successful business that now has over 40 employees.

Tim Brickle
President (Ruspak)
Ruspak, located on Manhattan Street, is primarily a pharmaceutical packaging facility.  The plant runs 10 lines that create a variety of package types that consumers are quite familiar with, such as bottles, pouches, tubes and blister packs.  They package sleeping aids and dietary supplements along with cosmetics and even egg dye.  One of Ruspak's larger packaging accounts is for Cargill, one of the world's largest privately held companies that employs 159,000 people in over 58 countries.  Ruspak packages salt that is brought in from Cargill's Watkins Glen mine for this international producer and marketer.

Though Ruspak does not rely heavily on local consumer support, Mr. Brickle does feel that using local merchants is extremely important.

How do you feel about using local merchants?

I'd prefer to keep it local.  It makes it easier for us to work with our vendors.

Do you have any vendors that you use in Lyons?

Absolutely.  We use Lagasse Iron Works to make tooling and to fix equipment.  They do quality work and their location makes them easily accessible.  And for smaller things, we like PBS...  Positively Better Service!

Local service and local shopping really can contribute to the betterment of the community.  Whenever possible, we encourage you to shop local.

For more information about Ruspak Corporation, you may visit their website at www.Ruspak.com.

*A partner project of the Lyons Chamber of Commerce


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