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SUBMITTED by Theresa Streb, Lyons Public Library (9-Nov-2010)

Currently on display at the Lyons Public Library, 122 Broad Street, Lyons, is a collection of what is known as “Tramp Art.” Created between 1870 - 1930, it is a relatively unknown form of folk art. Tramp Art is made from wooden cigar boxes or produce crates which were then fashioned into frames, boxes, sewing caddies, and even furniture. Two methods. chip-carving and layering, were used to create the various products.

Tramp Art display at the Lyons Public Library
While known as Tramp Art, a term which implies that pieces were created by tramps to perhaps pay for a meal or room, some of the furniture would have required a much longer stay. Some experts feel that much of the art was produced mainly by skilled but itinerant German or Scandinavian immigrants who traveled the country selling or trading their wares.

The display, which is from the private collection of Marianne Stephan, will remain at the library until the end of November. For Lyons Public Library hours, please call (315) 946-9262 or email lyonlibrary@owwl.org.


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