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Chloe Salone, Caitlin Shaffer & Michaela Shaffer
Lyons' Ohmann Theatre celebrates its 95th birthday this weekend.  This restored 1914 live stage and movie theatre may hold the ambiance of a historical past, however, this theatre has been modernized with comfortable seating, a digital sound system, and other updated amenities.   The projection room is capable of running old time reel films and today's DVD's without major difficulties.  And to demonstrate such capability, the Ohmann Theatre is presenting the last film of the Sound of Music in celebration of this grand anniversary.

In conjunction with the Lyons Main Street Program, the community was invited to attend this spectacular viewing where singing was encouraged throughout the film.  During intermission, patrons were provided cakes and cookies and party hats and welcomed to dress in the early century attire of white dresses and blue satin sashes.

Sound of Music was an excellent choice of films for this exemplary weekend.  The film is designed for all ages, thereby creating an event for all to share.   Local residents came to see the film for various reasons; some to reminisce their first time ever seeing the film and some to share with their grandchildren.  The large screen adds to the real life joys and hardships of the loving VonTrapp family.  Patron, Mike DeCola, was visiting the theatre with his grand-daughter Kaitlyn.  He says, "the theatre is the greatest thing going on".

Kaitlyn DeCola with her grandfather, Mike DeCola
Ohmann Theatre has been a family owned theatre for several decades.  When it was sold outside of the family, it soon was closed down.  After watching it deteriorate, current owner, Bob Ohmann, felt it was necessary to purchase the theatre back and revive it as it once was, a theatre for families.
"The clientele has not really changed - the only change is today's customer is the same customer that went to the movies in their youth.  The strangest thing about the Lyons theatre business is that we have very few teens and young adults.  Our older patrons are very loyal to the theatre and I am so grateful for them", says Ohmann.
Though patronage has declined as modern technologies advance for our youth, Mr. Ohmann says that its instrumental in remaining open as the theatre is such an important part of his life and to Lyons.  Giving back to the town he grew up in, Ohmann has used his personal funds to restore and operate the facility to guarantee its success in the community.

Ohmann Theatre is open each weekend with current films and also hosts special events.  For further information on showings, please visit www.ohmanntheatre.com or became a fan on Facebook.


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1 Comment to "Happy Birthday, Ohmann Theatre!"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Happy Birthday. I can remember going to the Theater with my Mom. They used to have grocery giveaways. Maybe we should start something like that again at this time.

    Posted on Mon Dec 13, 07:43:00 AM EST


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