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SUBMITTED by Marcia Marsille, Village Bookmarket (2-Dec-2010)
"Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings." It's A Wonderful Life.
Ready for a little fun? Four Letterboxes have been placed on Main Street, Palmyra, NY, for the month of December with a “Bell” theme. All you have to do is follow the clues below, look for and find the Letterboxes, capture the stamp’s image in your logbook (a notebook or a few sheets of paper) and leave your stamp’s image in the Letterbox logbook.

Now for the clues:

SILVER BELLS is located in the sweetest shop in the Palmyra, so be sure to bring your sweet tooth. I highly recommend the chocolate covered pretzels. When you can tear yourself away from the candy, chocolate and fudge, look for an old cigar box on an open, silver colored shelf against a red wall. HOURS: 9-5 Monday-Saturday.

MORE SILVER BELLS is located in one of the Palmyra's antique shops. Find the shop with the longest name, the initials of which are: PCSandTAC. I call it "Dean's Place". In Dean's Place find the green heater/stove and caste your eyes on the Eisenglas (Dean came up with that one and had to explain this one to me). HOURS: 9-5 Monday-Saturday.

JINGLE BELLS is located in a shop that sells shirts. Lots of shirts. The sign over the shop boldly states "We Print Shirts". Look for the old cigar box on the counter. HOURS: 10-5 Monday-Friday.

MORE JINGLE BELLS is located in The Best Little USED Bookstore in the Village of Palmyra. Yeah, THAT one. For those who may not have stop by before, there are two bookstores, side by side, in the Village of Palmyra. You want the bookstore that sells USED books. Now, a couple of months ago my doorkeeper, George Gargoyle knew where to find that month's Letterbox and he told anyone who asked him where it was. He knows where MORE JINGLE BELLS is also, but I've made him promise NOT to tell this time! He promised not to tell and said to me "Mum's the word, I'll keep it under my hat!" HOURS: 10-6 Tuesday-Friday, 12-5 Saturday, Monday by Chance.

Letterboxing is free and family-friendly!

According to AtlasQuest.com: “Letterboxing is an intriguing pastime combining artistic ability with "treasure-hunts" in parks, forests, and cities around the world. Participants seek out hidden letterboxes by cracking codes and following clues. The prize: an image from a miniature piece of art known as a rubber stamp—usually a unique, hand-carved creation.

“Letterboxers stamp their discoveries in a personal journal, then use their own rubber stamp, called a signature stamp, by stamping it into the logbook found with the letterbox, perhaps writing a note about the weather or their adventures in finding the letterbox.”

No Experience Necessary!! All you need is a notebook or a couple of pieces of paper, a pen and a rubber stamp. While regular Letterboxes have their own rubber stamp (called a “Personal Stamp”), novices can simply sign or initial the Letterbox’s log book.

Clues for the Letterboxes are also available at Village Bookmarket, 207 East Main St., Palmyra, and on AtlasQuest.com. Call Village Bookmarket with any questions or for more information, 315-597-0210.


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