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SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (8-Dec-2010)

Conversation with the Mayor: Keep that 68 Cents Here!

I know you know this but it bears repeating – 68 cents of every dollar that is spent locally stays here. Let’s put it another way – 68%, more than 2/3rds, of the money you spend here stays right here, making its way from one business owner to another, increasing its economic value to the community as it does. How does that happen? Easy, it works like this.

Let me give you a real life example. My daughter and I stopped in Magpie & Sparrow Antiques & Vintage Finds on East Main Street to register a vote of approval for the shop’s beautiful new sign. While we were there my daughter bought a vase; I, some token gifts for friends. Joanne Jaffey, the owner, said thank you for the sales but also for the compliments. She had worked with John Graham, owner of Custom 31 Graphics, also on East Main Street, for the design and creation of the sign.

Magpie & Sparrow on East Main Street in Palmyra
So, two Palmyra residents spent money in a village shop. The owner of that shop dealt with another village merchant who, in turn (this is speculation, but highly likely as John is very community minded), bought gas at a local station on his way home. The owner of the gas station could have stopped at one of the local dollar stores on an errand for his wife. The manager of that store also may have had a ‘please stop and pick up’ list for Breen’s. The trail of that 68% could go on and on, but that would be wearying. You get the point. Buying locally benefits everyone. A side note: the village had a hand in that new sign also through the economic-development-only funds available toward the cost of new signage.

If that were not enough, when you shop locally you save the time, cost and aggravation of having to drive any distance. Winter is here, calendar date not withstanding, and it appears that it is going to be a cold and snowy one. Gasoline prices are on the rise. Driving becomes a chore at best. Take advantage of the shops we have right here where parking is available; shop owners offer excellent service and where they know your name and preferences. Make this a village Christmas. You’ll be amazed at what is available to you once you start to look. Keep that 68% of your shopping money at home. It will make everyone’s Christmas merrier.

A delightful addition to the holiday spirit was the Federated Garden Clubs’ annual house tour, this year in Macedon and Palmyra on December 5th. The slushy, snowy weather did not deter the many visitors from all over the region who came to admire the lovely homes opened to them for the afternoon. Home owners Nancie and Lee Spencer; Iain and Mary Gellatly; Coleen and Tom Hall in Palmyra, and Lyn and Art Elting and Chick and Ron Sherman in Macedon deserve, and I am sure received, a sincere thank you for being part of the event. An opportunity to tour a model home at Parkwood Heights added to the afternoon. Thank you should be said also to the members of the participating garden clubs who worked with the owners and acted as docents during then tour. It was a nice afternoon.

Finally, thanks to everyone who is making our kids’ walk to the schools safer by keeping their sidewalks passable. We seem to have moved from autumn into mid-winter with the snow and wind that makes it seem like February. Long range weather projections indicate that this may be the norm, so it is good to have snow removal arrangements well in hand as soon as possible. Again, thank you for living up to your responsibility as property owners for the sake of our kids.


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