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Photos by:  John Zornow

Newark Mayor, Peter Blandino, along with Village Trustees John Zornow, Helen Blandino and Kurt Werts, offered holiday congratulations to several members of the Village of Newark.  An annual Christmas dinner was hosted at the Newark VFW in celebration of this year's accomplishments.

Jim McHale receiving award from Mayor, Peter Blandino
Mayor Blandino awarded Jim McHale a token of appreciation for Mr. McHale's 25 year monumental commitment to the Village of Newark Zoning Board of Appeals.  In a humble response to the award, McHale hopes "that the people you (Village Board) continue to appoint to the Board will carry on where we left off."

Another farewell was offered to Linda Baker, Administrative Assistant for the Code Enforcement Office.  Mrs. Baker has been part of the village's team for 22 years and was also given an award for her years of dedication and service.  "No one gives more to the Village than Linda.  She is professional, compassionate and caring each and every day", says Linda Bridgeman, a fellow co-worker and friend.

In a moving thank you to the people, Baker said that "It's been a pleasure working with the Village of Newark.  I have truly enjoyed my job and working with so many wonderful people in the village.  Thank you for everything."
Mayor Blandino granting award to Linda Baker

Police Chief, Dave Christler, also spent a few moments acknowledging officers of the police department for exceptional and honorable acts of service.  Five members received the Merit of Service Award;  Sgt. Jim Thomson, Ofc. Dan Weeger, Ofc. Nick Dapolito, Ofc. Brandon Salerno and Ofc. Randy Kuhn.  Six members received a Unit Citiation; Capt. Mark Thoms, Sgt. Doug Keyton, Inv. Gary Verstraete, Inv. Jay Warren, Ofc. Aaron Dean and Ofc. Dan Weegar.  The final award was the annual Accomodation Letter, which was issued to five members for being the best of the best.  These go out to Patrolman, Rob Dwello, Ofc. Greg DeBoerdere, Ofc. Randy Rice, Ofc Dan Weegar and Ofc. Nick Dapolito.

Congratulations to all for your honors of commitment and service to the Village of Newark.


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1 Comment to "Newark Employees Honored At Christmas Dinner"

  1. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    It's always good to see people recognized for the hard work they've contributed to our community.

    Posted on Mon Dec 13, 12:31:00 PM EST


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