two thousand twenty
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Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous words at the March on Washington began with I have a dream...  This infamous quote was the focal point of yesterday's celebration held at the Lyons Elementary School in honor and celebration of Martin Luther King.

E.T. Greene, Minister and Master of Ceremonies spoke of hard work and dedication and adverse community conditions.  "The community suffers because there are no dreams.  We can change this around into a positive thing", he declared.  Mr. Greene's efforts towards a better tomorrow is to turn the energies to the young and that today's youth are tomorrow's dreams.

Amber Stowell
"Today we will highlight our youth", says Greene as he introduced Amber Stowell, 16, of Lyons, to the stage.  Ms. Stowell, a singer/songwriter played three original songs in honor of the celebration titled November, Just Gets Better and Another World.

The keynote speaker, Clifford Florence, a minister from the Central Church of Christ in Rochester, NY,  also spoke of the importance of good parenting and encouragement towards today's kids.  He says to be sure to "give honors when they are due" and he acted on this statement by offering accolades to all the mothers and fathers and grandparents in the audience.  

Looking at the society as a whole, there's a breakdown in the family.  During occurrences of social inappropriateness, selfish and ungrateful youth compounded with conceitedness has allowed an entire culture to be affected by the Me generation.  These are the adverse conditions that must be overcome in order to excel individually and to grow as a community.

Can our dreams really come true?  We need to face the reality that when we dream, we will sometimes have nightmares.  We need to remove some of the nightmares.  Let's be the ones to encourage them and expect greatness and excellence, said Florence.
Vonna Foster & Demetro Perry
William Pulver sings
"Man I Want To Be"
Students from Lyons High School then participated in a talent showcase that possessed flair, poise and most importantly, talent from the communities youth.  Lyrics written, songs sung, poems read and dances danced proved that there is hope... and a chance to have the dream.

The celebration closed with an acknowledgement of two Ivory Simmons Humanitarian awards and seven MLK Citizenship awards.  This year's Humanitarian Awards were given to Moses Barber and Richard Hill, Sr.  Their work with youth programs and community efforts are greatly appreciated.
Tamila Jackson-Kemp

This program was a collaborative effort of Wayne Action for Racial Equality (W.A.R.E.), Church of Christ-Family Life Center, Lyons Elementary School and the Center for Dispute Settlement.
Vonna Foster & Kassandra Aviles

Carzell Kemp
Rhea Hayes & Demetro Perry

Youth Inspiration Dance Troop

The Greene Family


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