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Collapsed roof at 82 William Street, Lyons
A small portion of William Street in the Village of Lyons was closed down today.  A vacant storefront roof collapsed exposing the dilapidated interior to rain and the buildup of snow, which may have been the source of the damage. 

The street was closed to passing cars and will remain that way until safety of pedestrians and other travelers can be ensured.  

The building is owned by Victoria Miller and Angeline and Nicholas Sculli who reside next to the building.

Plans to demolish the building are scheduled for this week.


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3 Comments to "Collapsed Roof Closes Down Village Street"

  1. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    Too bad to tear down a nice old building...any plans for what might go in its place?

    Posted on Mon Feb 14, 10:08:00 PM EST

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Yes a vacant lot.

    Posted on Tue Feb 15, 05:56:00 AM EST

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Look at the photo- it has collapsed and is dangerous. It is no longer a nice old building. When are people going to realize that you have to take care of properties, with the roof being the most important.

    Posted on Tue Feb 15, 06:19:00 AM EST


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