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At the 65th Annual Award Dinner hosted at Trombino's By The Park last night, the Lyons Chamber of Commerce proudly announced that Rena Reed is this year's Citizen of the Year!

Left to Right:  Tom Pusateri, Rena Reed and Dick Vandermark
Originally hailing from Lyons, Reed graduated from Clyde in 1966 and then earned her degree as a nurse practitioner.  Her accomplishments thereafter were many.  So many that Dick Vandermark, presenter of the award, claimed that "If I list them all, we will be here until tomorrow".

Full of surprise of the honor, Reed accepted the award graciously and with tears in her eyes.  The surprise then doubled as her family entered into the banquet room to offer their congratulations.

The award committee reviews nominations that are submitted by various friends and family along with a description of why the nominee is a worthy candidate.  Reed, according to Vandermark, is "a true friend and an asset to the community".
Beverly Mercurio & Paula Bartishevich

A token of appreciation was also given to Beverly Mercurio, who was the chamber's longtime secretary and treasurer.  Ms. Mercurio had recently resigned from her position on the Board of Directors, however, still offers assistance whenever she can.  Her commitment to the Chamber of Commerce only proves her loyalty to Lyons and its members.  "You will be truly missed", said board member, Paula Bartishevich.

The final presentation was to Paul Santelli and his staff.  A slide show consisting of past patrons, employees and snapshots of the building throughout the years was set to music provided by local artist, Frankie Leigh.  You're Gone was a tribute to the historical presence and unknown future of Trombino's Restaurant.  The film covered the building that once was a cafe, a livery stable, theater and stage followed by Sam Trombino's purchase of the building turning it into the renowned fine dining restaurant.
Paul Santelli and his staff at Trombino's

Santelli, who owned the restaurant with his brother Michael since 1981, had decided not to renew his liquor license that expired January 31st.  The plan to close up the restaurant came with a heavy heart as it became too cumbersome to run alone, since the passing of his brother.  Therefore last night's feast was the last dinner served to almost 100 patrons and well-wishers.  Future plans of the establishment include selling it as a restaurant to continue serving the area as it has over the last 64 years.


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