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SUBMITTED by Linda Guest (12-Feb-2011)

Front: Calylin, Olivia S., Hannah M., Olivia G., Melanie, 
Anabel, Alivia and Chastity. Back: Callie, Allison, MaKayla 
On Saturday, January 29th, 13 4th grade girls from Lyons packed their bags, rolled up their sleeping bags and grabbed their sleds as they ran out the door. Three vehicles packed to the roof, filled with eager girls and way too much luggage for a overnight trip. Heading towards Auburn the girls set out for a weekend adventure with their Girl Scout leaders Jody Scrivener, Linda G. and parent helper Shelly King. Winter Camping is not something most New Yorkers want to do especially with the winter we've had this year. Temperatures in the single digits and wind blowing the snow around wasn't going to stop Jr. Troop 9008 from enjoying this weekend. As they arrived at their destination, Camp Yaiewano, a NYPenn Pathways owned campground for Girl Scouts, the girls eagerly looked for Catherine Allen Lodge. Once found, they scrambled inside to discover their accommodations for their long awaited weekend getaway.

During the afternoon hours the girls enjoyed playing "blind-fold hide and seek", hiking, and making subs for dinner. That evening was spa themed as they made a facial mask out of yogurt, parsley, and cucumbers that they used for facials. As they took time to rest they placed cucumber slices on their eyes and giggled about how silly they felt. The rest period didn't last long cause the girls planned to talk the night away. After playing "spin the polish" the leaders settled in for a well needed slumber but the girls continued on. In the morning, after pancakes and cereal, the girls bundled up and explored the campgrounds. They went sledding and had a snow ball fight. It was a camping trip that won't be forgotten any time soon. Troop leaders Jody and Linda agreed that it was the best camping trip ever. 

Girls from Jr. troop 9008 are now planning their June camping trip to Comstock where they will have even more fun and stay up even later! Lyons Girl Scouts are currently planning their 1st S.S.S.S convention. Swaps, Skits, S'mores and Swaps. Troop 9008 is excited about this event where the Lyons Service Unit has invited Girl Scout troops from around Wayne and surrounding counties. For more information on Girl Scouting you can contact NYPenn in Phelps, NY.


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