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SUBMITTED by Marjorie Torelli (2-Feb-2011)

Notes of the Western Finger Lakes Authority Board Meeting

January 24, 2011

The Western Finger Lakes Solid Waste Management Authority Board meeting was called to order by its Chair Suzanne Earl (Newark, Wayne County) at 5 p.m. Members present included: Gary Borkhuis (Macedon, Wayne County); Ron Cody (Ontario, Wayne County); Robert Hutteman (Arcadia, Wayne County); Patrick H. Flynn (Penn Yan, Yates County) and Robert Multer (Middlesex, Yates County). Robert Weichbrodt (Lyons, Wayne County) was excused.

The Authority Board passed resolutions approving the Authority Meeting Minutes from December 20, 2010 and the Bills and Statements. The Board also passed a resolution electing officers for 2011: Chair, Suzanne Earl; Vice-Chair, Robert Hutteman; Secretary, Patrick Flynn; Treasurer, Robert Weichbrodt. In other business, the Board passed a resolution authorizing the sale of recycling trucks that were not covered in a previous action.

The Board heard a report from Recycling Coordinator Neal Walters concerning operations at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF – recycling building). Between 16 and 20 trucks operated by private trash haulers are coming to the MRF each week to deposit their recycling loads. Of the 13 firms operating in Wayne County, about half are using the MRF at least occasionally. Staffing at the MRF has declined from 12 to 8 contract workers. Full-time Authority employees remain steady at 4. Many residents are coming in to drop-off their recycling, filling 2 six-yard containers each day.

The next Authority Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 21, 2011 at 5 p.m. at the Wayne County Courthouse, Church Street, Lyons. The public is always welcome.


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8 Comments to "MRF Recycling Report for January 2011"

  1. Anonymous Said,


    Posted on Thu Feb 03, 06:16:00 AM EST

  2. Gerry Benedict Said,

    So where are other trash haulers/recyclers taking 'recycled materials'? When I walk the roads of southern Arcadia and Lyons, I see trash containers and recyclables at the curb side by side. I have to assume the trash and recyclables are picked up at the same time? When I walked by D&L Truck, it appeared that the trash and 'blue' recycled box contents went into the same hopper. Just an observation.

    Posted on Thu Feb 03, 07:42:00 AM EST

  3. Sarah Taft Said,

    My hauler Shakertown/D&L out of Wolcott sends a SEPERATE TRUCK here in Sodus I've seen it. I believe they are taking to the MRF too. There are too many free options for people to be lazy and NOT recycle.

    Posted on Thu Feb 03, 04:21:00 PM EST

  4. Gerry Benedict Said,

    That is good to hear Sarah. I want to be optimistic and know that recycling IS what we do in Wayne County.

    Posted on Fri Feb 04, 06:21:00 AM EST

  5. Anonymous Said,

    A example were Government works better. As a private companies they only care for profit.

    Posted on Sat Feb 05, 09:34:00 AM EST

  6. Anonymous Said,

    If your trash hauler does throw all the recyclables in the hopper, it is probably because of the disgusting things they are finding in these blue boxes. The "authority" for years 25 wasn't it? for years took whatever people threw at them, they didnt stop people from recycling the wrong materials. The workers didnt give a rats behind they just took whatever. Things that are thrown in the blue boxes are disgusting...examples, used toilet paper, tissues used of course, womans monthly pads, also used, condoms, moldy cans, bottles, plastics.... would YOU want to touch that? You people have been so fooled by everyone, you now bitch and complain over what kind of a job your hauler is or isnt doing. They work there asses off, trying to do right, then YOU the customer get pissed off cause YOU cant just throw whatever the hell in the blue box you want too.
    Why dont you ask to work a day with your hauler and see the bs he has to deal with. The smaller companies are not charging you, which conflicts with being said they only care for profit... **laughs***
    You SHOULD be charged for the service, and if the hauler charges $3 to $5.00 dollars YOU should be happy to pay it. You didnt mind it coming out of your taxes, but thats right YOU never SEEN it. Now you do and the hauler is at fault....
    Wake up people....

    Posted on Mon Feb 21, 11:05:00 AM EST

  7. Sarah Said,

    Jon You are just an idiot try shutting it because you have NO IDEA what you're talking about.

    For the record Jon I DID work for a hauler.

    Posted on Mon Feb 21, 06:50:00 PM EST

  8. Anonymous Said,

    Too bad this time you dont know what YOU are talking about because if you are refering to the above comment made it was NOT made by Jon....He may say and think alot of things, and thats on him.
    If you must feel the need to know I am a part owner of one of the haulers in the area so YES I know what I am talking about. You being a "worker" is a hell of alot different than being an owner. I wish to remain with name witheld due to the fact that business is hard enough due to the "almighty" haulers.

    Posted on Tue Feb 22, 09:37:00 AM EST


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