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Dorothy Barnes is the Manager of the Old Lyons Hardware on William Street in the Village of Lyons.  She has worked there for many years part-time and became a full-time employee two years ago.
Dorothy Barnes, Manager
Old Lyons Hardware

Quick to assist the patrons who visit the store, Ms. Barnes is leading by example that customer service is the store's first priority.  The friendly atmosphere and locally known faces of the store's employee's all play a vital role in offering a hometown feel for all who enter the establishment.

Some of Barnes' duties include ordering inventory, making keys and mixing paint.  She also assists the store's owner with their weekly marketing and advertising notices.

Old Lyons Hardware also became the main entrance to the new variety store known as "The Buck" dollar store.  Several patrons have commented that with this new addition, the seemingly long hike across the bridge is no more.  This new store contributes to a higher inventory and perhaps fewer stops for patrons.

Is there anything that you can't get at this store?

Pizza!  We like to visit the various pizza shops in town.  They are quick and within walking distance.

Are there any local services that you use for the store?

Lucas Dobbins' Painting and Contracting.  Luke will walk in here for a cup of coffee and will end up fixing something before he leaves.

Also, we use Tom Herendeen quite often for our computer services.

Ms. Barnes is a long time resident of Lyons and has been a past member of the Peppermint Days Committee.  Be sure to stop down and see her and the friendly staff on hand at Old Lyons Hardware and The Buck dollar store.

These establishments are owned by local resident, Sean Dobbins.

Support your community, go green and shop local!

*A partner project of the Lyons Chamber of Commerce


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2 Comments to "Please Meet... Dorothy Barnes"

  1. Jerry Ashley Said,

    Old Lyons Hardware has the friendliest staff and provides the best customer service. Shop Old Lyons Hardware first - if they don't have it, they will special order it for you. Why drive to a big box store when you can wait a day or two!

    The best customer service in town!

    Posted on Sat Feb 05, 10:33:00 AM EST

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Stephanie, Thank you so much for writing this article. All of us out here who are trying to make a difference in our smaller communities need to pay attention to the way that you not only celebrated Dorothy Barnes, but also the business and the community itself. Again,Thank you! In celebration of possibilities...Carol Elaine Deys from HOMESPUN

    Posted on Sat Feb 05, 11:17:00 AM EST


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