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SUBMITTED by Zachary Hussion, Sunnking Inc. (14-Feb-2011)

Sunnking, Inc., an electronics recycling company outside of Rochester, NY, is proud to officially unveil their new Technology Donations Program aimed at helping raise funds for schools, charities, and other non-profits. So far, both the Buffalo Sabres Foundation and Foodlink have joined forces with Sunnking and are participating in the program.

Organizations can sign up on the Sunnking website (www.sunnking.com/donations) to begin the process of qualifying for the Technology Donations Program. A Sunnking employee will contact the organization and, if they qualify, they will be given a page on the Sunnking website where individuals and businesses can donate their used electronics such as desktops, laptops, monitors, cameras, mp3 players, IT equipment, lab/medial/test equipment, and other consumer electronics/gadgets. Each item that is submitted for donation via the online form will be evaluated by a Sunnking employee to determine if they qualify for refurbishing or resale through Sunnking’s various sales channels. If the products do qualify, a percentage of the net profits will be given to the school, charity, or non-profit of choice selected by the technology donor.
“We have a great team of people over here at Sunnking, and we truly enjoy giving back to the community whenever possible” says Owner Duane Beckett. “The Technology Donations Program is a way for people to help support their favorite organization without having to write a check or give cash. We encourage individuals and businesses to donate used and working electronics that they have outgrown to help facilitate some great changes in our community. Not only are we helping out some great organizations, but we’re also helping out the environment in a big way”
About Sunnking, Inc.

Founded in 2000, Sunnking Inc. (www.sunnking.com) is an Electronics Recycling, Data Destruction, & Asset Management company, dealing in end of life electronic equipment. The main facility located in Brockport, NY specializes in refurbishing, reselling, and recycling electronic products from residential and commercial suppliers throughout New York State and surrounding areas. For more information please visit our website or contact us at 1-877-860-7866 or sunnking@sunnking.com.


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