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SUBMITTED by Kari Durham, North Rose - Wolcott Board of Education (9-Feb-2011)

“Dream the Impossible Dream”

This is how I continue on the board path during the budget season. A dream-state. As a board of education I think we enter with a host of wishes and hopes for our children, visions of the programming we can offer and the enhancements we can bring them. We come to the table seeking to give them more.

And we don’t change that outlook in 2011! Even when we are always faced with doing more with less,…that’s just something to work with, acknowledge and DO. This can’t be seen as a daunting task – we have to keep it in perspective. We HAVE to make this work. The students deserve our efforts and the taxpayers have earned our diligence. It’s what we make of it.

(the Good): To date our committee has witnessed the hard work of our department supervisors coming to the table with considerations for line item cuts. Items that when adjusted trim their budgets and still keep their programs or offerings intact. We are in this together.

(a little Bad): Yes, the simple reality is that virtually all of the looming line items of a school budget are locked in place by state regulation; uncontrollable costs such as fuel and contractual salary, insurance and retirement obligations to teachers, administrators and support staff. It’s up to our business administrator, expert administrative teams and BOE budget committee to get creative, push the envelope and still hold true to making the child’s dream a reality. It’s our job to question each line, seek answers and work within the parameters we’re given. To date, we’ve been presented with PEOPLE who are doing the work and ushering in changes.

(NO Ugly in January): Maybe it’s the dawn of a new year or having passed through December in a haze, but the BOE is optimistic. We know the work that lies ahead and we also trust our team to make it happen. We are surrounded by people who put our children first. Our team recognizes the importance of education & the cost that comes with high standards. To witness our team, principals, curriculum instruction, budget, support staff, teachers – all – is to know that although this is work, that budget is tight, that the State throws wrenches every moment – we are on the right team! I’ve witnessed firsthand this team in action and although there is much to work on, there are PEOPLE to believe in. I’m placing my focus on the people.

Again, I hope this isn’t interpreted as Pollyanna reporting from the Board but sometimes I want to share specifics, sometimes I want our community to know particular pieces that will make them applaud our successful students. Today I want the community to trust in those we’ve hired to work on behalf of all of us. More budget specifics will be released at our meeting March 8th and board minutes are available online all the time at nrwcs.org.


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2 Comments to "View from the NRW Board"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    This is a valuable team to praise. They all contribute to the decisions being made, and all come from different experiences or from the lack of many school experiences but a willingness to participate.

    Posted on Thu Feb 10, 06:01:00 PM EST

  2. Anonymous Said,

    I am one community member that supports the work of our public schools and board in difficult times. As a community we need to be behind our schools as good schools create communities people want to live in and help create our nations future.
    One wish is that the board when cutting stopped cutting programs for the the leading students. As it seems that the lower end never has cuts and that leads our society to nothing.

    Posted on Thu Feb 10, 09:46:00 PM EST


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