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Flower Power 2010

Submitted by:  Jerry Ashley, LMSP

Partnerships between the Lyons Chamber of Commerce, the Village of Lyons, the Lyons Central School District and the Lyons Main Street Program will be bringing volunteer representatives of these entities together again this year to help kick off the annual Canal Clean Sweep weekend by sponsoring another round of "Flower Power". Over the span of three separate days, volunteer efforts last summer cleared over 100 feet of the north side of the downtown Erie Canal bank and the subsequent replanting with donated perennials. Each of the "three hour days" brought new partners to the project enlarging the volunteer fold to over 100 fantastic helpers. Residents donated divisions as well as newly purchased flowering plants and shrubs that have now started peeking out from the ground as the weather warms.
Volunteers work the canal bank
Again this year, the above organizations will meet to enlarge the perennial bed while adding an area where Lyons Elementary School teacher Eric Lewis' sixth grade class will plant and care for a large peppermint bed as a community project. We will also be grooming and cleaning both the north and south sides of the canal between the Leach Road Iron Bridge and the SR 14 POW Bridge. The date of "Flower Power" has been scheduled for Saturday, April 16th from 9 am until 12 noon. This year, the Lyons Fire Department will be serving up donated hot dogs and mac and cheese to the ever growing list of volunteers. The above listed consortium of Lyons organizations is hoping to lure volunteers from other local civic, historic, religious and fraternal groups to assist with the canal clean up to get Lyons ready for the canal boating season.For additional information, please call Jerry Ashley (315) 871-4220 or the Village of Lyons (315) 946-4531


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